dear self-absorbed, arrogant ass on flight 194

I was so compelled to yell at you (or at least speak in a stern, appalled manner) as you boarded the plane today. I was shocked at your reaction when the flight attendant asked you if you would rather delay the flight so that we could wait for an aisle chair to move a woman to her seat in Row 17 or trade your Row 7 seat for hers. That you chose the former and seemed genuinely put out at the mere suggestion made me want to stomp on your foot.

I know you didn’t witness the elderly woman’s painful trek to Row 7. You didn’t hear her anguished plea to rest part way there as a flight attendant practically carried her. Or how she was nauseous and near tears after that brief “walk.” But I don’t think I would have needed to experience that to feel compassion for a person who needs a wheelchair to make it down 10 rows. Although no spring chicken, you certainly seemed able-bodied enough. Thank goodness another man was willing to shuffle around so that you could have your precious Row 7--across the aisle--sparing us all from being further delayed because of you.

I’ll tell you something, Mister. (Shhh, it’s the meaning of life.) To me, it’s all about the people you meet and the connections you make. They may be lifelong friendships or fleeting minutes of chance—being in the same place at the same time. They’re all important. It’s about realizing that someone somewhere is having a tough time and someone somewhere could use a little kindness. And you may knowingly or unknowingly cross paths with that someone today. You can choose to make those interactions positive or negative, focus on others or only on yourself, help others while sacrificing little or inconveniencing hundreds while making three hours of your life negligibly more comfortable.

You could have chosen to make the world just a little bit better of a place; instead you just fired up this redhead. But because I’ve got my head on straight (today anyway), I’ve chosen to get pissed at you and then get it all out in writing instead of contributing to the problem by getting pissed at you and then yelling at you to be nicer to your fellow man while punching you in the gut.

(This happened on Wednesday but but I waited to post because I didn't want to overshadow the special day of a very important someone.)


Katie Lady said…
WHAT a jackass!!! I would have given him a piece of my mine, I fear. You took the higher road, good for you. I hope they spit in his drink.
StaceyG said…
YOU GO GIRL!! What goes around comes around, karma, etc. etc.
Owl said…
I love redheads!!! hehehehe
You go GIRL!!! Hear Hear!!!! You are my IDOL!!!!

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