so it's a week later

I have been very busy this week trying to get lots of work done and trying to remember not to call The Brother (who is out of the country) and trying to find a little more balance and trying to keep my sanity. And traveling.

You know what I want to do? Work in the yard. Gasp! I know! But I don't want to mow (even thought that REALLY needs to be done). And I don't want to trim trees. Or weed the beds. Or get rid of that vine that is slowly creeping its way towards the house where it will kill us all. What I want to do is plant stuff. If you could see this place right now you'd think the last thing I need to do is put more stuff in the ground. But see, I have this little bed on the side of the garage and another one near the back entrance to the porch. And they have basically been stripped down except for a few weeds. I want to redo those. I even had inspiration on the plane last night (which has been happening a lot lately). Maybe this weekend the garage bed will get a makeover. That would make me so happy. I'm in desperate need for some expression of the creativity.


Katie Lady said…
Ooh, me too! But I refuse to put money into a house/yard that I'm about to vacate in 5 weeks.

Speaking of, when can you and the BF come up for dinner? I say come here because it's easier with the munchkin, and I have food I need to start getting rid of.

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