Not much going on but I thought I'd post a little something to remove the angry post from the top position. I've worked through the desperate overwhelmed stage with work, knowing full well that a person only gets so much time to whine before they either have to shut up or do something about it. I'm choosing the latter. Still not feeling great about it all but at least I'm mobile again. Baby steps...

Read an e-mail today about why Obama is the anti-Christ. Great, people. Because you saying something that ridiculous makes me want to support him even if he actually turned out to be the anti-Christ. Would be more effective to make your point, stopping just short of crazy.

Even though I have lots of work work to do, I'd rather be doing projects around the house. Maybe this weekend (even though all weekends seem to be filling up quite quickly as of late).

That's about it around here. Anyone have anything exciting?


Katie Lady said…
Yep! We sold our house! WOOT!!!
Cheryl said…
I got the same email. Made me want to reply, "Yes, isn't that great? The Antichrist is finally here!"

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