10 on tuesday

Because I've been at a loss regarding what to write about lately (with the exception of a few days last week--thanks, Ted), I decided to browse some other blogs out there. It seems that there's this whole category of blogging of which I was unaware. These posts are called memes. Who knew? Don't answer that; I'm sure I'm the last...

For those of you who aren't in the know, a meme (rhymes with "team" from what I can tell but I'd rather it be "me" twice) is a list of questions posted by someone that the blogger (me) is supposed to answer. It seems like kind of a jumping off point. I think the word "meme" is annoying and makes me sound a little dorky so I won't mention it again. Anyway, after some searching, I decided to start doing one. The one that seemed the most interesting was Ten on Tuesday. I'm not going to add myself to their little community or anything but I thought I'd give you guys an explanation so this won't be out of left field.

There's also another one here. I think I may try that one, too. But making the list will take awhile. The last one is IMDb's list of the top 100 movies. You try to see all of them. I thought that one would be fun...if only my DVD player was working properly. You can see the picture and hear background noise but no dialogue. For some movies, that might be better.

So starting next week I'll do the 10 on Tuesday. (This week's topic wasn't very exciting to me so I'm postponing it.) Things are getting spiced up around here. Maybe.


Bubba's Sis said…
I have never heard of a meme either. I like lists, tho, so it sounds fun! I clicked on the Ten on Tuesday site, and saw the feet and sidebar, but nothing else...not sure what's up with that, but I'll keep checking it.
angelq said…
Yes, I have a meme (to me it rhymes with "theme")site in my links list. I have yet to participate (so many rules) but maybe someday. Thirteen is a lot when you get writer's block as easily as I do.

And we watched "Nosferatu" (sp?) this weekend which would be perfect for your DVD player issues.
cjh said…
Ten on Tuesday is up now (link should be working). And, Geek, that's how I got to these memes--thru you. Gracias.
Bubba's Sis said…
Cool! I checked it out and it looks like fun! Glad we got a tip for next week's list - it'll take me until then to make my list!!

Are there really "rules" to participate?
cjh said…
I don't think there are any rules. You can join the group proper or just participate on your own (that's my avenue).

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