10 on tuesday (28)

This Saturday is the second of my back-to-back weddings. That I'm in. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I will be when it is over. One of the reasons for that is because I really am jonesin' to work on the house but haven't had time. My list could be endless this week but I'll just stick to ten.

10 Things I'd Fix in My House (if I had the time and money)
  1. The Ugly Bathroom. New floors. Beadboard on the walls. Repainting of the trim. New mirror. New towels, mats, shower curtain. This is the biggest project in my house but I know once it's done, it will be my favorite room.

  2. The sunroom floor. The Brother had to replace some rotted subfloor and we haven't re-tiled yet. It's been quite awhile. It's a little scary. Part of what's slowing us down is that we haven't done a tile project before. Should be a good room in which to learn.

  3. The stairs. The previous owners felt compelled to paint my lovely stairwell a dark navy blue above the white wainscoting. The ceiling, too. And the crown moulding? Gold. Oy. This may actually be my next project. Why? Because The Brother, SIL, and I got a group gift last Christmas of one of those multi-function ladders that can actually turn into scaffolding on stairs. Oooh, ahhh.

  4. The yard. I must admit, The Boyfriend and I worked outside for much of the weekend. Ok, he worked twice as long as I did. Very. Nice. Boy. And it looks so much better. But I still need to just overhaul the beds. Weed pulling. Mulch laying. And a few places even need some plantings.

  5. The guest bath. I'd like to do something with the tile in there. If I had unlimited time and money I'd get new tile completely. What will actually happen? Some sort of work around.

  6. My closet. What closet? It's a weird space. Definitely too small. I have an idea in my head of how it could be expanded to actually fit all my clothes and not need a Container Store clothes rack that I've been using for two years. (And the answer isn't getting rid of clothes.)

  7. The kitchen. New floors. New backsplash. New countertops. What will actually get done one day is finishing and installing the lightbox that my brother built to cover (with flair) the ugly fluorescent light.

  8. The garage. I'd love a new door. Something like these.

  9. The house itself. It could really use some insulation.

  10. The house again. And maybe working windows. The practical but not-so-fun things. Way, way down on the list.


ShannonW said…
More closet space is ALWAYS a good thing :)

Great list.
Anonymous said…
i loved your answer that getting rid of clothes was NOT an option! *lol* Good One! More closet space would be dandy! I think Home Depot has a tutorial that you can review on how to do floor tiling. I've seen it somewhere? A DIY website? Dn't remember offhand.
Good Luck with upgrading your house. Sounds like it all look great in that cute house of yours!
Gina said…
We really need more closet space too, how i overlooked the teeny tiny closets when we bought the house is beyond me..

Great list!
Lazy Daisy said…
Loved your list...our closets are only about 8 inches deep with two hooks. (It's an old farm house!)
Trisha said…
Sure wish I was close enough to help you with your yard. I would love to dig in the dirt right now!!!
cjm said…
Owl, and I would help with your walls!
Even with all that stuff on your list I still L.O.V.E. your house!
Katie Lady said…
I'm with Bubba's Sis, I love your house, too!

I could transplant most of your list to my own, since I missed out this week, so maybe I'll just use your list for the time being. Although I love me a nice list....

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