my cup runneth over

I've been feeling very fortunate lately. Life has been going so well I've been trying not to think about the proverbial "other shoe dropping." Instead, I'm enjoying it. You can see the first 100 things I'm thankful for here.

I am thankful for/that:

101. The Boyfriend
102. The Brother’s in-laws.
103. currently being pretty darn healthy.
104. my allergies haven’t bothered me as much in the last year.
105. my car—my whim purchase—is still fun to me almost a year later.
106. people love me enough to ask me to be in their weddings.
107. my house!
108. I can do lots of things on my own.
109. people who are around to help me.
110. the right to vote.
111. memories.
112. I’m able to see more of the country because of my job.
113. I had such a great team to work with on my last project.
114. I get to work in psychology again soon!
115. this great weather we’ve been having.
116. I have few dietary restrictions.
117. digital photography.
118. blogs (because everyone needs to waste time once in awhile).
119. I now generally have more money coming in than going out.
120. immunity-boosting yogurt stuff—finally, yogurt I can stomach.
121. 100-calorie packs.
122. the country starting to go “green.”
123. YouTube.
124. my iPod.
125. my critical-thinking skills.
126. my common sense.
127. the world includes things like fruit trees and wildflowers.
128. you can find nearly any recipe you want on the Food Network website.
129. pretty much any question you have can be answered via the internet.
130. my awareness of how good my life is.
131. fewer things bother me now than before.
132. I’m more optimistic than before, too.
133. free hotel stays.
134. music.
135. social services.
136. wikipedia.
137. choices.
138. the invention of tools.
139. having friends with whom to trade books and magazines.
140. online bill pay.
141. medicine.
142. sweet tea.
143. not having to go back to Shreveport.
144. bonuses that are more than $40.
145. reimbursed office expenses.
146. per diems.
147. reasonable hotel allowances and mileage reimbursement.
148. hugs and kisses and cuddling.
149. I live in a MLB city. Go ‘stros!
150. I have the opportunity to volunteer and help kids.
151. Sharpies.
152. source of inspiration.
153. comedy.
154. the end of the writers’ strike.
155. chocolate, champagne, and fresh-cut flowers (individually or together).
156. having someone to kiss at New Years and someone to love on Valentine’s Day.
157. plans.
158. potential.
159. feeling like I really may get my happy ending (which isn’t really an ending at all).
160. all my “fake” parents/families.
161. my real extended family.
162. having tangible things from my childhood.
163. I never started smoking.
164. I don’t have a gambling problem or drug addiction.
165. teleconferences (meetings without traveling that allow one to multitask).
166. paperless options (for bills, for documentation, for correspondence, for paychecks).
167. shelves (could you imagine storing your stuff without them?)
168. some people have the ability to write poetry.
169. encouragement.
170. toilet paper and tissues.
171. the hope that I have enough time left to do everything I want to do.
172. I’m a list person (helps me get stuff done).
173. The Boyfriend doesn’t mind massage.
174. someone (neither Romy nor Michelle) invented Post-Its.
175. someone (not me) understands investing.


angelq said…
118. or waste too much time too often (especially when facing a deadline).
119. what's that like?
129. I. KNOW.
131, 132. is that "before" relative to #101?
162. holy, crap! did I miss something?
163. yeah, but you can never say you quit.
164. where's the fun in that?
170. so interchangeable!

Lovely list! I'm going to add some exclamation points now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cjm said…
176. I have friends who respond and immediately call out errors. :o) 162 has been corrected. 131/132--probably.
Anonymous said…
I don't mind massage; I mind meld!

Only not with the hand, but forehead to forehead, like in that pirate movie.
Are you sure Romy and Michelle didn't invent Post-Its? I was sure they did....

GREAT list, cjh! I agree with so many of them. Go 'stros!
D... said…
You certainly do have a lot to be thankful for! I'm with you on a lot of them, especially being in a MLB city. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be so fun. And the cool opportunities they give us!

Thank you for my birthday wishes! I'm now the same age as Bubba's Sis again and that makes her happy. :D

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