coolest thing ever

So yesterday I was going to meet one of my best friends so that we could carpool to meet another friend for some drinks and dinner. I had just gotten off the phone with Friend #1, letting her know I was running a bit late. The radio had been turned down while I was on the phone. I vaguely hear the DJ say, "Is this N*** L*** [insert name of different best friend here]?" And it was N*** L***! She was on the radio screaming with excitement, the perfect radio winner. I was excited for her. Then as the conversation progressed, I was more excited! I was screaming! I was shaking! I was giddy!

Want to know what her prize was?

A trip to see Madonna in concert.

In Paris.

In Paris!

How awesome is that?!?! She'll probably take one of her kids because she's the best mom ever. She really is one of the best people. It made me want to call the radio station and congratulate them on picking the best winner. I was still so excited for her last night that I couldn't fall asleep.

Lately there have been stories of so many things that make me say or think "you just never know what's going to happen" and mean it in a way that you're life is changed forever. For the worse. It was so nice to think that yesterday about something positive for a change. You just never know...

And yea!


StaceyG said…
How cool is THAT??!!
angelq said…
Hooray for N*** L***! They really did pick a great winner.
GreenishLady said…
Wonderful! I know those are real people who win those draws, but I never know the people, so it's great to hear this!
Patois said…
Suck up to N**** L**** more in your next post and make it clear she is so totally your bestest, bestest, bestest friend in the whole damn world. Wow!

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