it sure felt like it

It was Sunday morning and we were chatting before getting out of bed. Feeling slow and easy. Feeling relief that, even though I love doing things for other people, I now had my life back after being stretched too thin for too long. We decided to just throw on some clothes and finger-comb our hair when we heard the other B&B guests coming to the proprietor's late breakfast. Another meal of quiche and fantastic orange not-too-sweet rolls and homemade jam and perfectly cooked salty bacon. We ate and talked and laughed with the other guests. We bathed and got dressed again and packed and headed out only slightly after our 11 o'clock check-out time.

Armed with a vague map, a half a tank of gas, and some locals' stories and suggestions, we headed out of town. Wildflowers abound. We hit one winery that was overcrowded with a bus tour from the city. We walked around a lavender farm and took one of the fledgling plants with us. We tried in vain to find that old bridge they mentioned was getting torn down and replaced by something new. We went back to town for lunch at the most popular little place--with real fountain drinks.

We headed outside of town in the other direction to another winery. This one had an inexpensive yet entertaining tour and tasting. The wine was good. The place was less crowded. We bought our larger samplings of port and sherry and took them, along with our chocolate and pecans, out to the empty porch. The temperature was perfect, the wind breezy, the sky sunny. We had no other place to be, no obligations to keep.

He said, "I wonder if this is what Heaven is like."


Katie Lady said…
Nice. I remember vacations like that. Sure wish I could have another one soon.

Sounds like a fabulous time, you deserve it!
D... said…
What bliss! Glad ya'll had such a heavenly day together. I'm longing for such a day myself.
Owl said…
I would say.....sounds like you have a great guy there. How awesome. I, too, am longing for such a day!!!! More than a long row of such right after the other. I so miss the bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes.
StaceyG said…
Sounds like you were in Brenham, As a former resident, I can tell you that there's no way Heaven could be Brenham. However, the new wineries are a nice touch. Did you make it out to Windy Hill? If so, my in-laws' house was right across the street!
Cheryl said…
Sounds lovely. Can't tell you how glad I am that you're so happy!
Bubba's Mom said…
Bubba's Dad and I just had a day trip, but your B&B experience sounds so wonderful, we must try that next time. So glad you had a wonderful time and the beautiful weather to enjoy.
Bubba's Sis said…
Sounds absolutely blissful!!

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