There's a new addition to the blog. It's that cute smiley (at least it's smiling now) over there that tells you my mood. How fun! Would you like to know how it came to be added?

Geek and I are going to the Body Worlds exhibit on Monday morning. At 6:45...A...M... Yeah. Why so early, you ask? Because that was the best time we could get. I have underestimated the procrastinators. So we tried to get tickets last night to no avail. This morning I tried again. Yet again, the website was not working correctly. Suddenly, struck by genius, I decided to call the ticket office. That's right...you can use this primitive form of communication called a "cell phone" to buy tickets. Guess how long I had to wait? No, really, guess. Are you humoring me? 58 minutes.

During that time I decided to browse other people's blogs for cool ideas. That's where the little mood person came in. Finally getting through to buy tickets--that's why I'm feeling victorious.

On a seemingly unrelated topic, some people put a wish list on their blogs. It lists things they would like to buy or I suppose things they would like to receive as gifts. What do you think about that? As people who may one day buy me a gift, do you think this would be a helpful feature or does it seem, I don't know, greedy or something?


Bubba's Sis said…
LOVE the mood guy! And congrats on the tickets! I have been wanting to see that exhibit myself, but alas, I have apparently procrastinated too long....you'll have to tell me all about it! At our next lunch! Ooo!

Not so crazy about the Wish List idea....it just seems a little...presumptuous. But that's just me. Apparently there are websites where you can set up your wedding registry to only receive cash!! So maybe presumptuous is OK nowadays! I have a PayPal account - go ahead and forward any cash gifts to me there. :-)
cjh said…
Yeah, it seems a little weird to me, too. And people can feel free to send me cash (or checks) whenever they want...
Bubba's Mom said…
I don't know, it could be a good thing. There are just some people that you never know what to get them - either they have everything or don't really care about anything. And, since I love to find just the perfect thing for every person on my list, it might shorten my anguish time.

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