hey, we have a wedding venue!

Praise tiny baby Jesus. I mean, really. Praise His little baby self.

We're getting married 08.08.09.

Here, where we met:

And then we're having the reception nearby, where they let you bring outside food. And booze. And Christmas trees, apparently.

Finally. FINALLY! No, it's not the little chapel but I really wanted to get married at HMNS and finally found a way to make it work where we can have both a location and food. And, no, it's not the Houston Garden Center but they wouldn't let us have booze. Or get married until Halloween. And that reception hall is a nice blank slate on this campus, where the streets look like this:

(photo from here)


So glad to hear that you have a place booked and a date set!!! How exciting! Congrats!!!
Keep an eye on our blog. I should be able to post some belly pics next week. We take monthly pics and some are due next week since it is February.
Laura said…
Congrats!!! So exciting!!!!
Bubba's Sis said…
Oh, it will be BEAUTIFUL! And how romantic to get married in the very place you met!

That would have had me and Hubby getting married in a country western bar. Not pretty.

I'm so happy for you - it's going to be heavenly!
Katie Lady said…
Very cool, looks superb!

Bubba and I met at a wedding, so I guess, in a sense, we DID get married where we met! Just the location was different. ;)
Patois said…
Oh, oh, oh! Everything is wonderful. And what an auspicious date to choose!
StaceyG said…
Excellent! I went to a wedding at HMNS a few years ago and it was exquisite! Great choice!
Bubba's Mom said…
Perfect! See, I told you it would all work out!! And, so sentimental, I love that. I don't know if I would use that Christmas tree though.

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