pins and their accompanying needles

I really wanted the next post to say, "Hey, we found a wedding venue!" Things were looking promising on Tuesday (after I made it through the excruciatingly long 3-day weekend that everyone had but me). I thought we'd found a place. Then it looked like we found a place as long as we made a few sacrifices and perhaps moved the theoretical wedding date up 2 months or back one... Then it looked like we had fewer options. Then, square one.

So yesterday things started looking good again but it takes FOREVER for people to get back with me and by then it seems that one thing or another has changed and what I was counting on is no longer an option. This has been very frustrating. Allegedly, for the millionth time, we have a plan that depends on nothing having changed with the availability of two locations within the last 24 hours. Please call me back, people. I'd love to have this settled before yet another weekend rolls around. And I'd like to have everything in stone before the month is over.

Also? I have a doctor's appointment in about an hour. I'm freaked out. My well woman exam came back abnormal so they're digging around in there to see what they see. Freaked. Out.

A girl shouldn't have to plan a wedding (with no parents) while being haunted by the thoughts of cancer or death or a no-baby future. And a lovely fiance shouldn't have to repeatedly talk her down. Or, it could be nothing. Everything could be fine. Wish me luck.


Katie Lady said…
Don't worry about the abnormal, that's happened to me before, way before I was even married to Bubba, and it turned out to be nothing. I can tell you more about it on a less, um, public venue, if you'd prefer. Needless to say, all was fine, and I have a beautiful little boy. Try not to worry, when I got mine the doc said 'abnormal' is more frequent than not, because the tests are so sensitive. Again, email me if you want ME to talk you down instead of HIM. I'm sure I understand a bit better, having all the same equipment and all. ;)
Bubba's Sis said…
I ditto what Katie said. No worries. Happens all the time.
StaceyG said…
Yep, been there, done that, too. We get all worked up for nothing. At least it's better to err on the safe side.
cjh said…
Well, there were 2 areas of abnormal cells that they are going to biopsy. And, just for fun (and unrelated), I have to have a mammogram. At 32.
Bubba's Mom said…
First of all let me say this, how wonderful that lovely fiance is there to talk you down, if that's what you need, to listen to you, to comfort you, & to tell you everything's going to be allright. That makes him a prince among men in my book. Secondly, this will most likely turn out to be nothing at all. But, how great that you have a dr. who is cautious. And thirdly, you will find a place to get married - I promise!!

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