one down, one to go

I got the results of my southern girl bits test. Mild dysplasia. That's about the best we could hope for. So I don't have to have any follow-up procedure. I'm not dying. I can have babies. I just have to have 6 month follow-ups. I can handle that. Also excited that the results came back sooner than they told me to expect them. And that a hurricane didn't deter them from calling me this time.

Now we just have to wait a few more weeks to check out the northern girl bits. Hopefully that will come back quickly and positively as well.


Katie Lady said…
Oh, that's good. Nothing to be worried about whatsoever.

I love your terminology, too. Very PG of you, my dear. ;)
klm said…
wooohoo!!! glad to hear you are, so far, 1/2 okay. :)
Patois said…
I'm happy for your southern bits and hopeful for your northern ones!
Bubba's Sis said…
Yay! Good news!

Keep us posted on your Yankee bits.

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