wedding friday: all the single ladies

These are some of my favorite pictures from the whole day. You'll see why in a second. Ah, the bouquet toss. In the modern day wedding community a lot of folks are doing away with this. I don't I got older and was still single I think I started hating the tradition. Or, rather, I hated that I didn't really feel like being the only single adult woman surrounded by 8-year-olds. And the harassment you get from people if you don't go out there and try to catch that bouquet. They know it doesn't come with a groom attached, right?

But I didn't mind the idea at my own wedding. And I have a feeling some of my ladies would have been really pissed if I hadn't done it. So we stuck with tradition. Sort of.

First, I had to check to see where the ladies were located. Who knew there were so many single gals at the wedding?! You may be able to tell that one 'maid in particular wanted the bouquet. This may or may not have been the same person who tried on a wedding dress of her own while I was planning my wedding.

Then it was time for the big toss--which I can't do without making crazy faces. I'll spare you the worst one.

But wait! What's this? It's not one bouquet but THREE! This triples your chance, ladies! Many winners. I'm spreading the love. (I have no idea why I can't throw with my mouth closed. It's physically impossible for me. Also? Crazy doe eyes that would give Lady Gaga a run for her money.)

So, ok. There were not only a lot of single ladies but a lot of TALL single ladies. Tall single ladies who weren't afraid to jump. In dresses.

So two of my cousins and one of Hubby's friends caught the bouquets--one of whom is now engaged. (You're welcome.) My short little Mexican Maid of Honor didn't have a chance. My tall bridesmaid? I don't know what her excuse was. She wasn't even drunk. If the two photos above aren't awesome enough, here's the re-enactment.

Oh, the injustice! I love this series. Makes me laugh out loud every time. Up next? The men get their chance.

And, yes, I totally had the DJ play "Single Ladies" during this.


klm said… excuse....well...large GInormous bruise on inner right leg due to cath lab procedure to save life. will that work??? :)
cjm said…
Yeah, I think that will do. :)

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