15 weeks

Total weight gain: Hmm, perhaps I should have weighed myself on the scale at home the same day I was at the doctor last. Eh, let's assume I've probably gained no more than a pound this week. I'll try to remember to keep up with this after my next appointment.

Movement: Now, it could be nothing or indigestion or gas or my internal organs rearranging themselves but when I was going to bed one day this week it seemed as if there might have been a bit of fluttering. Or not. We'll see how this week goes.

Cravings: Nothing of note this week. There was one day when nothing sounded good for dinner so I splurged with Taco Bell. I just wanted some nachos. Don't judge. And I had a kid-sized root beer this week and it was mighty tasty. I don't know if I believe that eating healthy makes you not ever want those bad-for-you foods you were used to eating. Oh, wait! Peaches! Peaches have tasted exceptionally good this week.

Symptoms: Had a few tired days but I think that's probably more due to waking up early. You know, like normal people. I think I've also had a few brief twinges as the uterus expands. The baby's already an orange, people. I just keep thinking that if it were a tumor instead of a baby we'd be freaking out. Other than thoughts like that, no real crazy emotional outbursts this week.

Belly button: Still in.

Preparations: So I've been home/in-town all week. That's good for the mental health but bad for the wallet. Hubby ordered the crib and it actually arrived in a timely fashion. Huh. I'd heard all sorts of horror stories about how long it took for people to get cribs delivered. Not us. Didn't even take a week. We got the mattress, too. And I bought blinds (that I've been meaning to replace since I moved in), curtains, and have a plan to make valances for the two windows. Still plugging away at the quilt. No progress on the mobile. Oh! And I also bought a new shower curtain for the baby's bathroom. It's ridiculously cute. Other than re-painting a few accessories to match and maybe switching out one piece of art, I think everything else will stay as is in there. (And I've already taken to telling Hubby that "baby wanted fill-in-the-blank." As in "curtains" or "shower curtain.") A few sneak peeks...

Milestones: Finished telling work folks and no one was mad at me for potentially ruining their lives come January. And I took advantage of an awesome sale at Old Navy as well as a few giftcards I got through work and ordered a few pieces of maternity clothes! They came in yesterday. I figure since I'll be big pregnant through fall and winter, I'll possibly be layering. I ordered 3 cardigans that I'll be able to wear post-baby as well. And a tank top and t-shirt (good for layering). And 2 pair of jeans (because I had no idea what I was looking for in maternity pants and can always return what I don't want). But, hello?! They're both awesome. Can I keep them and wear them to Thanksgiving post-baby? Who knew I'd be all about comfort so soon... And pants without real waists totally fit that bill. It was a good haul all around. (But Katie B, still will take your cast-offs.)

Weekly wisdom: It seems like I try to take people's reactions/behaviors and learn from them. I've said and done some stupid things in the past and once I'm on the receiving end of those? I try to remember how I felt so that I won't give others reason to feel similarly. So, my tip? Don't give advice unless it's asked for. (I know, I'm not expecting this to end...it will only get worse as it begins to get obvious to strangers that I'm pregnant.) And don't assume that what a pregnant person is feeling is due to the pregnancy. The rest of life still keeps truckin' along. (Please note that I'm not including predictions about baby's sex here. It's funny to me to hear who thinks what in that regard.)

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Anonymous said…
the fluttering feeling is what i felt too the first time baby moved.

the birds and the quilt are very cute, and that shower curtain is ridiculously cute! i love the owl! i could make a whole theme just around him!


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