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I've been watching the news lately. I'm amused by the hordes of people camping out and demonstrating (or whatever they're doing). They say they're "occupying."

Well, occupying isn't enough.

A rock occupies a spot on the ground. Does the rock do anything? Not much.

And that's the point. A rock can be a formidable weapon (if it's a big enough rock, or if it carries a significant velocity), but when it's just occupying a space on the ground, all its energy is "potential" energy. It doesn't do anything but have potential.

Money can be used for great good, but until it's put into motion, it's got a lot of potential, but it really doesn't do a lot of good (except make those of us who worry a lot feel a little better).

People have great potential -- but unless they/we use that potential, move in the right direction, and do more than occupy a spot, people don't do a heck of a lot of good.

The key in all of these scenarios is to do something with the object or person. When a person or an object is put into motion, all sorts of things can happen. Lives can change, worlds can be transformed, countries can be altered.

But all these instances require someone or something to do more than just sit there.

We have great potential, you and I. We can accomplish great things, for good or for evil. We can make a difference in the lives of every person we meet. We can alter companies, change nations, influence the world for good. We can make a difference. We can be great if we only will.

We can do all these things -- if we don't just sit there, but rather get out and move.

Potential energy is wonderful -- but it's not good for a lot until it's put into motion. Velocity is what counts here, not just sitting there, waiting for your world to mysteriously change around you to what you hope it will become.

Copyright, 2011, by Daryl R. Gibson.


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