fourth month

Buns, Buns, Buns.  A third of a year.  Gone already.

I think the main theme of November was illness.  Funny, when I typed that the first time I wrote "Illness" with a capital I.  Indeed.  Your sister actually started getting sick a few days before Halloween and at least 2 of us have been sick ever since.  It has been awful.  We've been to the doctor a lot.  Today your sister is doing ok, Daddy is the worst off, and you and I have some lingering stuff going on.  You have your allegedly well-baby 4-month visit on Monday.

Speaking of, I'll have to update this then with accurate height and weight.  You are definitely longer, though.  And I already know you weigh more than your sister did at this point.  But you do seem to be thinning out a little bit already.  Your cheeks are thinner but that's not saying much.  They were pretty chubby right off the bat.  UPDATE:  Actually, you're about the same weight as your sister was as you lost a little weight since 2 weeks ago.  The doctor thinks this is because you've been sick.  Lord knows you've been eating well.  So we'll just see.  You have, however, grown quite a bit.  You're 14 lb 11.3 oz (45th %) and 25.25" long (65th %).  So instead of short and stout you are now long and lean.  Go figure.

Sleeping has been hit and miss this month.  Mama had done a good job sleep training you and got you down to one brief waking and one feeding.  But since you got sick after that it all went out the window.  Add to that your 4-month growth spurt and your desire to eat every 2 hours...  Last night was rough.  You were up every 1-1.5 hours.  Mama was exhausted.  And then ran a 5k, with a PR.  No biggie.

Anyway, eating.  You still are taking formula at daycare but are getting breastmilk the rest of the time.  We're about to get to the losing battle point and you'll have to take some formula at the grandparents' as well.  We're doing the best we can, though.

So sleeping, eating.  Next comes pooping?  Really there isn't much exciting to report there.  That's how we like it.

You are generally a happy baby although you've been crankier this month because you haven't felt 100%.  We've mostly had colds but you and your sister also got ear infections.  And Mama got a sinus infection.  You're mostly happy for me, though, and still give great smiles.  You squeal with delight, too, but never laughed more than a "huh huh" until tonight.  Of course everyone else was in bed but I got you to laugh a few times.  I can't wait until you're doing that more often.

As far as milestones.  You are able to roll over from front to back.  Still nothing more than a 3/4 roll in the other direction.  Your head/neck control is better but still not perfect.  You sit in the Bumbo sometimes but are mostly schlumpy.  You've also really started grasping things.  You hold on to toys.  Last night you were lying on your play mat and your hand hit this soft little book your sister had given you to play with.  And you turned your head to see what you had hit--it was neat to see your brain working in that way.  And you finally found your feet!  The first time I noticed was yesterday while I was taking your monthly pictures.

We celebrated Thanksgiving this month by having your aunt and grandparents over to our house.  Everything went well.  We ate at our new table (that hopefully you or your sister will inherit one day).  It was one year ago that I found out I was pregnant with you.  And then got the worst stomach flu ever.  Unrelated.  Anyway, this year was much more pleasant than that.

We've done a few other fun things this month but you've been too little to really enjoy them.  I can't wait until you and your sister can really play together.  She still likes you but has taken to occasionally abusing you.  I guess that will last the rest of your life.

You love looking at faces, your paci, sucking on your hands, eating, clean diapers, being held, being walked around and shushed when angry, and me.  The feeling is mutual, little buddy.  Happy 4 months, M.  I'm very much looking forward to December and celebrating the holidays with y'all.


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Aww, I loved that! your kiddos are super cute.

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