Somewhere along the way I stopped doing New Years Resolutions. Did you notice? Instead, I figured I'd just focus on a few items on the ol' Life List. Like maybe these:

  1. Have that second child.

  2. Find the perfect mac and cheese recipe. (Can you believe I'm still looking?!)

  3. Make a baby quilt for that second child.

  4. And keep the beginnings of a good baby book for that same kid.

  5. To work on my posture. (Do you think that's a good or bad idea considering I'll be pregnant for 2/3 of the year?)

Do you think I should add "keep sane" to the list? Do you think I even have any sanity left to keep?

Anyway, the other idea that some folks embrace at the new year is to pick one word that they want to describe the upcoming 365 days (or 366 in this case). The word I have chosen and then kept a secret until now is balance. This should have been my word for the last several years but I'm claiming it this time. Considering we're going to change things up big time again this year (see #1 above), I need to work on cultivating balance in a big way. I need to have more specific goals and ideas related to this. Anyone have any tips?

Oh, and also for 2012? We're going to try to sell our house and buy a new one. And I'm trying to get moved into a different position at my company. You know we don't like to make just one major life change at a time, right?


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