That's how many hits we have. It's getting close! I bet tomorrow is the day. Prizes all around!


Ooohh! I hope it's me!! Maybe I should get up extra-early....
Anonymous said…
Sorry about all the depressing blah at my blog. Kinda my life lately. Sorry to bum you out but thanks for stopping by!

I'll probably be bippity Friday. :-)
IT'S ME!! IT'S ME!!! Glad I stopped back by before bed! Now I don't have to get up early! :-P
nora said…
I am glad that you have or are close to reaching the 1000. It is probably going to take me a couple of years, but that is ok, I still enjoy writing crazy stuff.
cjm said…
HA! Yeah for Bubba's Sis...I work on a prize. Maybe we can have a ceremony on Monday.
Oooo - a ceremony! Do I get a crown?

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