it's a nice day for a...

I would just like to say that earlier today, in a fit of procrastination, I wrote a quick but respectable little post about the week. Then, suddenly, Blogger was no longer working. Post, gone. I don't have it in me to rewrite it. Maybe I'll sum it up later. The basic excitement of the day is that tomorrow is the Black Wedding. So, unless I get up super early tomorrow I doubt you'll hear from me until Sunday. It's been a week of short 'n' sweet posts. You know, the bright side is that you know I'm still alive. This will be a good thing for when I live alone again. If I die, you people may notice. Before, I just had to wait for the stink to lure in the neighbors... heehee (I know, I can hear all the mothers saying, "that's not funny.") Wish me luck. Not only with not dying but with not feeling like I'm dying tomorrow.


Have fun at the Black Wedding! See you Monday!

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