I now have a date for the wedding. Not a date date but still...a real live human being to accompany me. Someone I actually like and will have fun with especially when accompanied by the brother and his girlfriend. Someone I will force to do the Grand March and various other dately duties. I wonder if there are people who don't know what the Grand March is?

And I have cute hair. I cut off several inches a few weeks ago. This was not for the wedding but because, as I mentioned before, I get bored with the hair pretty easily. I do not have "good" hair. Those people who just wash their hair, add no product, let it air dry, and look like they should be in hair commercials irritate me. I am not one of them (but tend to put about that much effort into fixing my hair). This haircut actually doesn't look too bad when it air dries (with the addition of a little product). For girls, this is a miraculous thing.

So a man, cute hair, my winning personality (heehee)... Now I just need that dress. If only I had a camera phone. Then we could do a dress poll. Ooooh, that would be fun, wouldn't it?


Bubba's Mom said…
I have given up on hairdos - I now have hairdon'ts. That's how it is when you only have a handfull to work with. This distresses me no end, but hey! It's not quite wig time yet.
Cute hair is always an upper!

And, um...I don't know what the Grand March is.
cjm said…
Here's what the web says: The Grand March is a chance to show off your wedding finery to all the guests at your reception. Men put their jackets back on, and women pick up their flowers. The Bridal party enters in pairs, in the same order that they walked down the aisle, circles the dance floor twice, and makes a "bridge." The Bride and Groom follow the couples in and around, but they go through the bridge. Traditionally, each couple lowers their arms and 'traps' the couple (remember the game "london bridge is falling down?") and holds them there until they kiss. After the newlyweds have emerged from the bridge, everyone dances. I don't know where it's origins are but in our family (and every wedding I've been to that does it) all the guests join in, too. And usually an older couple leads it. That's a big deal as well.
StaceyG said…
The Grand March is your basic nightmare. That's the part where you get up to go to the bathroom. =)

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