100 things

Or "I never copied in school but am willing to start now" (hey, I guess that's a bonus one). You can see these lists on nearly every blog I read. Check theirs out, too, because they're fun. I will try my best not to copy from everyone else and to guarantee at least one thing that's new to each of you.

1. I have red hair. (Yeah, yeah...everyone knows I have red hair. Just wait, it will get better.)
2. For 28 years of my life I didn't know the answer to this question: "Where does your red hair come from?"
3. It comes from my paternal grandfather.
4. I was adopted not too long after birth.
5. Despite the red hair, I am not Irish.
6. I hated the red hair as a child but now see it as a trademark and am threatened when people don't think it's red.
7. I have one brother.
8. Even though he's five years older, I am the mature one and people often think I'm older (which freaked me out the first time I heard it).
9. To pick my name, my parents decided to draw names out of a hat. My mom put in a bunch of different names. My dad put in what is now my name a bunch of different times.
10. I like having a name that isn't weird but yet isn't too common.
11. My middle name is weird but I like it anyway.
12. My first pet was a poodle named Crystal.
13. I like big dogs best.
14. Currently my favorite dog is a crazy old Boxer named Roxanne (but she goes by Rocky, among other things).
15. I have no pets because I don't have my own home a good, secure fence and because I travel so much.
16. I hope to own my very first home before I turn 30. [I did! With 2 months to spare.]
17. I turn 30 in 6 months.
18. I expect I'll have some sort of breakdown at that time. [Not too bad.]
19. I dread the first time someone new asks me any question about my parents.
20. I don't necessarily tell them right away that both of them have died.
21. Even though that's sad, I feel compelled to include it on this list because it's part of who I am.
22. I consider myself a serious person even though I make lots of jokes.
23. I love San Francisco despite being treated horribly while I was there.
24. I miss working in psychology and working with children. [Now I volunteer with them. I did for a year.]
25. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
26. I do like my job.
27. I like traveling and working from home.
28. I like "historic" but not necessarily "old."
29. My favorite state besides Texas is Tennessee.
30. I love Texas country music (which is not the same as Nashville country).
31. Because of that, part of me feels a little bit like a sell out for loving Nashville.
32. One of my favorite things about going to the movies is the thawing feeling I get when I leave.
33. I also enjoy the first cold front. I love how I feel enveloped by the cool breeze.
34. I am phobic of roaches.
35. I have owned 3 cars in my life. [Now 4.]
36. Only the current one was purchased new, and I like it the least.
37. Within 5 hours of owning it, it was hailed on.
38. I have never had any piercings--even my ears.
39. But I have one tattoo.
40. I have never done any illegal drug.
41. I have never broken any bones.
42. I have dislocated a knee (both of them) 5 times.
43. I love running but can't because of those darn knees.
44. There was a time in college when I ran about 15 miles/week.
45. I still own my favorite pair of shorts from that time even though I doubt I'll ever be able to wear them again or have as good of legs as I had then.
46. Even though I'm thin I am not fit.
47. When I say I need to exercise it annoys me when people say I don't because I'm thin.
48. I live to eat.
49. I enjoy cooking but I love baking even more.
50. I make a mean creme brulee.
51. I have always loved reading.
52. When I was younger my mom and I would stay up very late reading in our separate rooms.
53. Whoever decided to go to bed first would yell out "good night" and the other person would yell "I'm just going to read one more chapter."
54. I am suddenly struck with the thought that I should make a list of 100 things about my mother.
55. I hate it when people first find out I'm adopted and ask if I know anything about my "real" parents.
56. I know tons about my real parents...it's the biological ones I know little about.
57. I am very organized. Maybe a little OCD.
58. I occasionally use psychology terms or work-related abbreviations I expect everyone to understand.
59. Unless you work in research, it's hard to understand what exactly it is I do as my job.
60. I am crafty.
61. I love to make cards and invitations.
62. People say I should start a business doing it but I'm afraid I would then end up hating it.
63. I'm good at interior decorating.
64. My grandmother told me that's what I should do when I grew up.
65. I was 5. She was maybe a little intuitive.
66. Almost every year growing up I had a Valentine-themed birthday party because my birthday is so close to it.
67. I hated it.
68. I often get bored with my hair.
69. I love makeover shows.
70. I not-so-secretly would love a makeover.
71. I sometimes wear houseshoes at work. I did this even before I worked from home.
72. I made it thru #70 before I had to stop and think about what else to list. (After finishing the list I went back and deleted some boring ones to add some more informative ones.)
73. I would one day like to own a nice, fancy globe.
74. I love music.
75. My iPod currently has 2,392 songs on it. Yet after a year of owning it, I still haven't transferred all my CDs over. [Still haven't...]
76. One of my favorite song lyrics ever is this one: Let your hair down. Wear something pretty. Don't you know how you make us both look good?
77. The only people I've ever lived with were my parents, my brother, my college roommate, and her old boyfriend. [And now The Husband.]
78. I played the flute for 7 years in school.
79. I was often first chair in music/band from Kindergarten thru my senior year of high school.
80. I started twirling in 1st grade and was a twirler in middle and high school.
81. I was often "teacher's pet" throughout school.
82. I miss having a "Will" to my "Grace."
83. I quote Friends way too much.
84. I adore Grey's Anatomy in part because of how much it stresses me out when I watch it.
85. I wish more people made comments on my blog.
86. Part of why I started blogging is because I feel like I've been doing a terrible job of keeping in touch with people.
87. I have many, many friends.
88. For that, I am very, very grateful.
89. I'm an Aggie and wear my ring everyday.
90. When I refer to being "in college" I mean A&M. When I'm talking about grad school I say "grad school" instead of college.
91. I've made a "Happy List" for 14 years that lists a bunch of random things that make me happy. [It's been way too long since I did this.]
92. I attended my 10 year high school reunion.
93. I would love to have 2 children one day.
94. I would love to look at them and see some family resemblance.
95. I think dating should not feel like so much work. [Yea for The Boyfriend Husband!]
96. When I was in elementary school I participated in Picture Memory and Music Memory in UIL (maybe that's where my culture started).
97. I have many close girlfriends. I like to keep one around from each phase of my life, it seems.
98. I wish I were at the beach somewhere.
99. I physically need to live near the water. When I don't, I yearn for it.
100. I am often multitasking.

[Additions made 20 Nov 2008. Changes again on 03 Oct 2009 out of boredom.]


Anonymous said…
LOVED! your 100 list! Rocky was the only one mentioned by name. She would say "that damn cracka... she awight!" (for those who don't know, Rocky is black and a bit racist. She often comments on living in a house "full of crackas and eurothrash"). I would like for you to talk about the return of "skinny" jeans. Maybe do a poll...
Anonymous said…
The 100 list is great!!! I personally think you should expand on the roach phobia...HILARIOUS stories there; plus I can totally relate!!! :)
angelq said…
56. Hear, hear!
91. I haven't updated mine in 5 years. It's fun to read over the old one tho.

Clearly, I had a much more difficult time coming up with my list than you did. That's great.
cjm said…
Well, it was rattling around in my head for a few days... And of course as soon as I hit "publish" I thought of several things I should have put on it.

Yeah, yeah...roach phobia. I almost elaborated. Maybe I will one day.

And "anonymous" you need to comment on "the bandwagon" post.
I LOVE your list!!! Yay for all of us List Makers! I have already thought of a few more I could add to mine, too, so I'm thinking of a sequel - but only 10 at a time probably.

1 - I have always wanted red hair.
9 - This one made me literally laugh out loud!
40 - Thought about putting this on my List, also.
57 - me too
68 - me too
91 - what a wonderful idea!
92 - me, too, and 15...20 coming up next year...ack! I'm old!
98 & 99 - me too!
100 - me too
nora said…
I love your list, I think I am going to start one too. I know, I am such a copycat. #19 reminded of the no memory guy.

You have a beautiful name, I probably would have had a prettier name had my parents done the same. But no, my dad had to get drunk and named me after my mother. I have gotten use to it by now, yeah is simple and quite easy to remember (only 4 letters) I just don't understand why people get it wrong.
Bubba's Mom said…
OK - I'll read your blog if you'll read mine. I am posting my list of 100 things tonight because my daughter insisted I needed to. I love your #56. And I remember your red hair and how pretty it is. Redheads are special and they have beautiful skin. You are lucky to be a natural one. I loved your list of things - you sound a lot like my daughter.
Editor in Chief said…
I was a Picture Memory champion! I like to walk through art museums with Bubba (he makes me go, ironically) and say, 'that's a picture memory painting.'

I have yet to do a List, and now I can't for a while because I've read 4 today and that's a little much.
cjm said…
Oh my. We had maybe 30 paintings (real ones by real artists) that we had to memorize. We had to be able to recognize the picture, of course, but also be able to spell correctly the title, artist, and their nationality. My hardest one was Toulouse-Lautrec's yada yad something about the Moulin Rouge. Same kind of thing for Music Memory. But there, it was like Name That Tune. It was HARD for a 3rd grader!
Anonymous said…

I'm a newbie from PHC's blog. You commented on my comment (a sure way to get into my heart) so I bipped on over.

I think you're my other half:-)

#46-48 is me! I'm skinny but sure not fit and I HATE HATE HATE it when people say I don't need to work out because I'm already skinny. But flab doesn't show unless I'm naked, so they have no idea. It's hard to get support when everyone says that and I still really want to start working out. Ugh. Plus I love food. Damn.

I'm OCD and crafty too. Plus I'm addicted to Friends and am always compared to Monica. I take it as a compliment, but my husband doesn't always feel that way:-)

Pleased to meet you!


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