well, i never...

It was a very interesting weekend. And long. And one without as much sleep as I would have liked. But fun... Here's why.

Firsts that happened this weekend:
1. Drank in a museum.
2. Ate in a museum.
3. Danced in a museum. Yep, right next to dinosaurs.
4. Went to Sullivan's.
5. Went to Sullivan's because some other single women at the museum were going there afterwards.
6. Met straight, male flight attendants.
7. Got taught a little French by a little Frenchman.
8. Went sailing.
9. Obtained confirmation from a complete stranger at the mall that a bride requesting the guests to wear all black is indeed a bit weird.
10. Completed the Black Wedding outfit. (Yes, I love Billy Idol.)
11. Realized that I think my brother's girlfriend is my friend, too. (The realization of this has been coming around for awhile now. But what bonds women more than shopping?)
12. Felt that even 29 is "not as young as I used to be." I cannot do without sleep as I once did in college.
13. Held the tiniest baby I've ever seen in real life.
14. Witnessed firsthand the physical decline one goes through when on the crack. If that doesn't keep people off drugs...

That may be it. It's at least a pretty good list. Interesting, no?

I'd like to add that in no way should I be taking time to post right now. I'm slightly overwhelmed with obligations that are related to work and my personal life. I'm at that stage where I do nothing to help me feel less overwhelmed. Instead, I ignore it. I'm leaving again for the Big D tomorrow. I'll keep you posted as to whether this allegedly beautiful and historic hotel actually is...

Oh, and thanks to you lovely people, we're getting close to the 1,000th hit milestone. Maybe whoever obtains it should let me know. Prizes may be involved.


Anonymous said…
Interesting weekend indeed!!!

From the website of your hotel in Dallas it looks quite nice! Good luck with it, but I am sure it will be fine.

So what 'could' be the prize? I have a lot of down time at work right now...heehee I can keep coming back and coming back and coming back!!
Wow! That's quite a weekend! I hope you have a great week and that you DON'T get that same cab driver in Dallas!
Editor in Chief said…
Never even heard of that hotel in Dallas, and I used to live there. Guess that's why.

I am hoping that 13 and 14 don't go together, because that would be so sad.
Anonymous said…
Wow, you really did have a full, good weekend! I'm a bit envious. I'm not sure if I could even make a list of occurances that took place during my weekend. If I did, it would go something like this...
1. Watched dog lick its own butt.
2. Drank too much wine and tripped over dog licking its own butt.
3. Went shopping at Ikea. (and this would truly be the highlight!)
4. Vacuumed the house, again, to get rid of dog hair.
5. Got woken at the twiglight hour of 9am by the sound of dog licking its butt.
5. Organized tupperware cabinet (as a dog tried to goose me. I guess it has had enough of it's own butt).
6. Chased dog around back yard to reclaim one of my underwear that dog stole from the laundry basket.

...and so on and so on. I think I'm not only envious, but even a bit depressed now.
What is it with dogs and underwear? My dog loves to steal undies out of the laundry and run away with them! And he wants you to chase him - otherwise it's no fun and he'll just slobber on them a while and then leave them somewhere. Bubba's Mom's dog does this too.

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