2007--year in review

It seems like today warrants a post that sums it all up. Some of you (I know, I've received e-mails) would just like a post of any kind to know I'm still alive and postin'. I went over to Bubba's Sis' blog and she had a neat little entry that I tried to apply to my blog but mine didn't work out so well. It seems like the most important things in my life this year haven't happened near the beginning of each month.

Instead, I thought I'd elaborate on the insert I sent with my Christmas card this year.

0: Job changes This one is shocking. It seems like all I do is change jobs. I'm happy here and am not ready to start looking. It's a nice feeling.

1: Great new boyfriend Yea for this one! Yea for someone who has stuck around through my holiday crazies. Who am I kidding? Yea for someone who has stuck around through my everyday crazies.

1: Cruise Ah, relaxation and fun. A vacation where I really didn't do any work at all.

1: Engaged brother Also very exciting. Lots of change but it's not freaking me out as much as I thought it would.

1: Solo vacation Katielady recommended this some time ago. It really was a nice way to travel. I didn't feel like I needed to plan very much. That said, I still enjoy traveling with my friends and was glad to have the opportunity to do that so many times this year.

2: Weddings I’m in next Spring And boy am I going to look cute in those dresses.

4: Vacations How did this happen? I'm not sure but I'm glad it did. Hopefully 2008 will bring a few more.

5: New states to which I’ve traveled Four of these were from one trip. All were up north. All I'd like to go back to and spend a little more time...especially Washington. Loved Seattle and the surrounding area.

7: Rooms painted in the house Dare I say 4 to go? Can that be right? Wow. Yeah, this place has come a long way this year.

11: Astros games Why couldn't the writer's strike have happened during baseball season? Or when the weather is more conducive to outdoor activities? Love the 'stros. Also, 2: games I cried during due to Biggio retiring.

16.5: Books read Not too bad considering everything else that's on this list.

26: States I’ve now visited Over half! And I have the snowglobes to prove it.

129: Days traveling for work Good grief. When I counted this one up I became exhausted. January '08 will start me off at a freakishly high number as well.

140: Blog posts Not too shabby. I've definitely fallen down on the job lately. Still feeling good about blogging. Perhaps the new year will bring new excitement to share.

389: Days I’ve lived in my new home I realize this is more than 365 days and the title of this pertains to 2007. It just seemed like it needed to be in days for some reason.

It really was a good year. As opposed to some years when nothing terribly memorable comes to mind, 2007 will be a year that will mean something to me well into the future. As I sit here on New Year's Eve, that's a really great feeling to have.

Wishing you all a very prosperous New Year. In all the ways that count.


km said…
Great Post and what an exciting year for you! I hope the next year brings even bigger and better things...
Bubba's Sis said…
Happy New Year, cjh! Blessings to you in 2008!
D... said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved my hat, but it was a bugger trying to keep it on my head.

It sounds like 2007 was a great year for you. I hope 2008 is even better. Happy New Year!
Katie Lady said…
Wow, that is some year you had! Thanks for the run-down, I really enjoyed that! One day I'll get around to blogging about real stuff again....
StaceyG said…
What a great post! I hope 2008 continues your goodness trend!
samantha jo campen said…
Isn't it nice to reflect? Congrats on all you've done. 2008 will be another good year!
Eddie said…
Looking forward to hearing about your great 2008, too! :-)

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