besides the baby

I realize that 99% of posts now have to do with the baby. I was thinking about that and wondering what else is going on in my life. Honestly, the baby really is taking up most of it (which is fine and awesome) but there have been a few other things to keep me busy.

Work has gotten much busier. To the point of overwhelm at times. I've been traveling more and August isn't looking much better.

We had our annual July 4th party. Everything turned out really well. I didn't put as much work into it as I usually do. No new craft projects--just used what I already had and bought (gasp) one new decoration. Didn't make as many food items as normal and the pot luck ended up working out perfectly. It's amazing how that happens. For the first time, we had multiple little ones running around (as well as one being held--that would be mine). No fireworks this year since we had the party on the 3rd but I think that was the best option. Good times.

The following weekend we had our family reunion. Good. Grief. It's a lot of work. If you are a descendant of my mother's father's parents, you get an invitation. So my great grandparents. I think the youngest generation adds 2 more "greats" on top of that. Sheesh. I think we invite around 400 people but only (only!) about 150 come. We do this every other year and a different branch is in charge each time. My grandfather's branch hadn't done it in awhile so it was our year. The night before, my brother was talking about how decorating shouldn't take long..."it's not like this is a wedding." But we rent a hall, design and send invitations, plan and buy decorations, hire catering, have a guest book, etc. We also have a pot luck dessert table (yum), silent auction, and raffle. We had lots of great items in the auction (The Brother built a fishing rod holder and Hubby brewed beer) but the raffle item was the best. SIL and I made a quilt. Yep. Made. In a stupidly short period of time. It turned out great, made a pretty good amount of money, and went to a good home. We were, however, sad to part with it. It was fun to make jointly so maybe we'll have to do that again. You know, way down the road.

And my last in the commitment trifecta is a baby shower I'm throwing for my SIL on Saturday. It's for my/The Brother's side of the family, and I'm doing a brunch this time. I enjoy brunch and thought it would be a fun way to mix it up a little. I've done most of the prep work already but just to through in an added level of difficulty, the baby is teething, she had a fever last night, Hubby is out-of-town tomorrow night, and we have tickets to Gary Chapman on Friday night. I'm totally taking the day off on Friday.

So, yeah, pretty busy around these parts. Luckily, all my hosting duties will wrap up before Hubby is gone for lots of August.


Three Peas said…
So scary how we're so similar...I didn't read this before my post on FB. At least you have other stuff going on. Baby is it for us and it's about all I can handle. You're my hero and I admire you!
Katie Lady said…
Good deal! Wow, that is some family reunion. I've never been to one at all.

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