10 on tuesday (17 & 18)

10 Things I Don't Like About My Job

What a negative topic this week. In the spirit of the meme, I'll do it.

1. There are times when I get tired of flying. I enjoy weeks where I stay grounded. Although, by the end of the week I'm usually feeling weird that I haven't been in the air.

2. I don't enjoy telling people to do their freakin' work. When everything is going smoothly and people are cooperating with me, it's great. When it's not and they don't...ugh.

3. There are people who make more money than I do--even doing the same job, with the same (or less) education and experience.

4. When I'm traveling a lot it is hard to get things done in the personal life or around the house.

5. My laptop is heavy.

6. I get e-mails sometimes and have no idea whether or not they apply to me. Sometimes I don't have the time to figure that out.

7. I don't have someone to do my filing. Anyone out there like filing and want to come over? Boy, have I got a treat for you.

8. I have to carry around two cell phones. Oh, the burden.

9. It seems like I get stuck going to places of which I'm not incredibly fond. These places tend to be the ones I need to go to way more frequently than the others.

10. I rarely get to travel with a companion.

Ok, so maybe you've figured out that that was a hard list for me. I really, truly enjoy my job. Some of those were a bit of a stretch. So if that was in the spirit of the meme, this one is in the spirit of optimism and gratitude:

10 Things I Love About My Job

1. I have a fantastic supervisor.

2. People actually feel okay giving praise to others for a job well done. Shocking, I know.

3. There are lots of perks when it comes to benefits. A company that reimburses for gym membership fees? A technology bonus? A virtual concierge? Awesome.

4. There's room for advancement. And if you do a good job people actually want you to advance.

5. I get to work from home when I'm in town. I love pajamas.

6. I get to keep all my frequent flyer miles and hotel points. Free travel, baby.

7. I have good co-workers. The people on my project are (for the most part) fantastic. Fun, smart, hard working folks.

8. My Masters degree and previous experience is recognized and rewarded.

9. Vacations are encouraged.

10. People say things like "let me know if you need help" and mean it.


Stacey G said…
Wow, is there an opening for me??
km said…
i would like to call you out on one of your "stretches."

"Your laptop is heavy."

After recently seeing your work laptop sit next to mine, I would trade you any day! You game?

Glad you love this job soooo much!!!! You deserve it!
Hootin'Anni said…
Hmmmm, #3 is great. I understand that one. But getting tired of flying? I wouldn't think so,-------but, ya, I guess you're right with that too. One who doesn't fly much, would wonder.

Great lists. You got next week's done already. High 5
Patois said…
You go! I like how you balanced it. I loved my (previous) job so much. Sure, there were a couple of things I'd change, but the job itself was wonderful. I'm even more enamored of my current job -- SAHM -- although I can pick things I hate about it.
pjd said…
It's nice when what you hate about your job amounts to a collection of nitpicky annoyances. Same with my list. My current job is nearly ideal for me, with a great company (though I'd love reimbursed gym fees!)... WAY better than my last job at a company called Managestar (now out of business) where my boss was a two-faced liar whose M.O. was to bring in good people, work them like slaves, and then fire them a month or so before their first stock option vesting date. No wonder they're out of business now.
cry it out! said…
You are the only person I know to like a supervisor. That's impressive.

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