month (gulp) twelve

Twelve months. One entire year. Over the weekend I was thinking, "This time last year I started having contractions." "This time last year, my water broke." "This is when we went to the hospital."
I've been working on a video and photo slideshow for your birthday party (that we're having on Saturday). It's been fun to go through the entire last year. I can't get over how small you were. And then I can't get over how much you changed so quickly. And, finally, I can't believe how many details I've already forgotten (like when you did what). I'm so glad we took so many pictures and that I wrote so much down. I hope you appreciate it one day when you're a mother. Keeping good records for you this first year was definitely a priority. As this was the last day for monthly pictures, I'm really proud of myself for making it through (with Daddy's help). I'm also proud of us all for making it through the year.

This month you've gotten even more chatty. You "talk" so much and it sounds like it all makes sense to you. I think you're starting to say "hi." You wave much more easily. And I swear sometimes you wave and say, "Hi, Daddy." Or you try to say "Maggie." Granddad thinks you said "Daisy" and "Tessa" the other day. I can't confirm but I do know that you love all the dogs. Even ones you don't know.

Not much has changed with eating. Still haven't gotten you off the bottle. We have started to introduce whole eggs and cow's milk in the last week or so. You've been having some digestive issues but you are even if we lay off the new things. Not sure what's going on there. Your 12-month doctor's appointment is on Thursday so I'll have to make a list of things to ask the doctor about. And I'll have to update your height and weight then. It seems like you're spreading out, though.

Sleep has been going better again (except for last night). I wasn't sure how things would go for us while we were on vacation and then making the transition back to the real world. But you did fine.

You still haven't taken more than one or two random steps at a time. You cruise all over the place while holding onto things and you still love walking while holding on to your push toys. Daddy didn't walk until he was 15 1/2 months old and who knows about me. My records aren't exactly stellar. I'm not concerned, though, as you've seemed to be progressing pretty well. You crawl like a speed demon these days, too.

The very beginning of this 12th month had us celebrating Christmas. People were so generous towards you, as usual. You didn't really open presents but you've enjoyed playing with everything. I'll be honest, though, I'm hoarding some of them in your closet for now. You'll get them throughout the year.

I mentioned vacation before. We went to Costa Rica for 10 days this month. It was wonderful. Your grandparents, auntie, and the three of us went. It was nice for us all to spend time together and for there to really be a village to take care of you. I luxuriously got to nap and read. It was awesome. You had so many firsts this trip. Your first flight, your first time out of the state/country, your first time in the Pacific ocean. You were very well behaved nearly the entire time. You did great when we ate at restaurants. You love the water but were hesitant about the wet sand at first. You eventually got over that. I think you had fun as well. When we got back it was weird to go back to work. We had seen each other so much over the previous month--I realized even more how much you've grown up lately.

Tonight we're going to your grandparents' to have a small celebration since it is your birthday proper. Then, like I said, a bigger party on Saturday. I'm excited for it. Now that I've actually given birth, a birthday seems a little different. And that it's yours makes it even better.

Last night, I was trying to think of words of wisdom for you. I'll probably only write you long letters like this once a year now so I figured it should be something really meaningful. I guess what I've learned this year is that everyone--parents, grandparents, kids, everyone--we're all just people. Most of us are just trying to do our best. All of us are figuring it all out as we go along. Turning a certain age or giving birth doesn't suddenly make you more mature or give you all the answers. And so far in life, I've never really felt like what I thought I'd feel like when I reached a certain age or milestone. You're just you. You'll be you at 5 years old and you'll be you when you graduate from high school. The same when you get married and have kids and find a job. You just add on these other roles or add another candle to the cake. And in time, you realize you need to cut people some slack (and yourself, too). Because, like I said, we're all just making it up as we go along. Happiest of birthdays, my tiny lurve. (I almost made it through this without crying.)

Update to add that you weighed 23 pounds 10 ounces and were 30 1/4" long at your appointment on the 26th. About the 85th percentile for both!


Loretta said…
Love it! "Happy Birthday" to Charlotte and "Bittersweet Now I am the Mother of a 1-year-old" to Mommy.

The thing I wished I'd really believed when The Bunny turned one is that even though as mothers it is always hard to watch our babies grow up, witnessing the grownups they are becoming is magical! I often think, "This is my favorite age," as new phases bloom!
Katie Lady said…
Well, I DIDN'T make it through without crying! Such a sweet letter!
Patois said…
I didn't make it through without crying either. Happiest of happy to you all.

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