week 24

Total weight gain: About 19 pounds. We had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and I was at about 17 pounds. It seems that we’re really not imagining that the belly has grown a lot this week.

Movement: All the time. Sometimes while I’m supposed to be sleeping. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come.

Cravings: Red grapes. I decided that this craving may be trying to meet my champagne craving. Or something. Hey, at least it’s relatively healthy.
Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, all emotions (especially the crazy ones) are just under the surface. No additional leg cramps. No flights = no swelling. Difficulty sleeping. It’s just hard to get comfortable. I miss sleeping on my tummy. So sad… The most exciting (in a scary way) thing this week is that I had a full-on nosebleed. Just sitting there watching “Sicko” (of all things) and suddenly… Well, you know what happens. Yuck. Had to revert back to basic first aid but once I forced myself to quit releasing pressure to check the progress, it stopped. I had heard that this is more common in pregnant women but it’s not exactly a glamorous event. And, for the record, there are all sorts of manly bodily functions during pregnancy, too. Don’t think I’ve escaped them…just avoiding disclosing them at length here.

Belly button: I don’t think there’s been a big change from last week. We’re holding steady with an innie. I don’t know why this part freaks me out, but it does.

Preparations: I’m so close to finishing the quilt. If only I could be home one more evening… So it may be done this week. I also spackled and touched up some old holes in the walls and re-hung shelves in a different location (after repainting them). Also painted a few picture frames. Made a few final adjustments to the mobile. Bought new drawer pulls for the dresser. Did a little organizing. So basically just a few not-terribly-exciting odds-n-ends that just needed to get done. I’m excited at the progress, though. Can’t wait to have the dresser painted and the rocking chair finished.

Milestones: Baby is doing fine. The doctor was pleased with my weight gain, size, baby’s heartrate. Most exciting thing is that the baby is now considered viable. That’s a pretty big deal. However, since he or she only weighs a little over a pound, Hubby thinks we should try to keep him or her cooking a bit longer. I couldn’t agree more. Also, last night we were in bed and it seemed like my belly was a little lopsided. Hubby poked at the high point (off to the right of the belly button) and asked if it was a head. I felt it along with my left side and told him that I wasn’t sure if it was a head but it definitely was a baby. I told him it was much harder on that side than the other. He felt it and I think it freaked us both out a little. Intellectually we know there’s a baby in there but it’s still weird.

Weekly wisdom: Like I said, having a hard time sleeping. And I don’t want to make the jump to the giant body pillow. I feel crowded enough already. But I’ve added a second pillow as well as a small wedge pillow. So far I’m liking it. Still wish I had a good pillow for my actual head. I wake up so sore in my neck and shoulders. Blah. Anyway, I guess the wisdom is the wedge pillow. I just assumed it was only for use in propping up the ever-expanding belly but my doctor suggested using it under my back while lying on my back. That way I could get off my side for awhile but not risk cutting off circulation to the baby and me. Great idea! On the other hand, a kind of sad bit of wisdom? I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner, but I was talking to a 38-weeks pregnant stranger in Target yesterday and she brought it to my attention that I won’t be stomach sleeping while newly breastfeeding either. Sigh… This should not come as a surprise but it still made me a little sad.

Belly pics will get added later in the week. We took them this morning but I didn’t have time to upload before flying to Chicago. And the baby is still a papaya, for the record...


I totally feel you on the tummy sleeping (as you know). I get prenatal massages and I know you're holding out, but she suggested a body pillow. It helps with the top shoulder (keeps it from pulling down too much). I got one and it's blissful for me. The down side, no more snuggling with the hubby while sleeping...
cjm said…
Yeah, the best way to sleep on my side is to put my head on my husband's shoulder crook. Too bad he doesn't prefer to sleep on his back and probably wouldn't go for getting up about 20 times a night so that I could switch sides...
Katie Lady said…
Nope, no stomach sleeping for you for a while. I call them the giant milk pillows. As an avid stomach sleeper, this really bummed me out the first time, but it's really not a problem this time around. I finally just invested in a really good side-sleeping pillow (more than I'd ever paid for a pillow, EVER) and it was HEAVEN. I slept SOOO much better!

The other thing you will find is that as you get further along, try to stay in hotels on your work jaunts that have pools and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SEMI-WEIGHTLESSNESS! It's awesome.
Patois said…
Hey, it's the least he could do, getting up 20 times a night. You're carrying his baby!

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