week 24 belly shots

Better late than never. I'm finally home and could finally get these off the camera. These are from last Sunday (24 weeks +1). You'll notice that sometimes I have fake smiles...

The dog didn't pose this week. So lately I've been wondering where all my weight is sticking to me since so many people are still surprised I'm even pregnant. Um, I think I found it. It's in my giant butt. Maybe there's a second baby in there...


You look great! I am totally jealous that you are able to be in bare feet.
You look fabulous!!! Your bump is so cute!!! I think I'm carrying lower than you, I'm jealous, I'd love one of those higher up bumps (I don't know why, but I think they're SO adorable!).

I was told that my butt got bigger so we were definitely having a girl (it turned out to be true, but I don't put much stalk in those old wifes tales).

Hope you're feeling well!
Patois said…
Oh, yeah, giant butt. Right.

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