bebe shower #1

My first baby shower was the day before Halloween, hosted by my SIL (The Brother's wife) and her mother. Guests were mostly family and some friends of the family. Most of the ladies were mothers (or grandmothers or great-grandmothers) so there was a lot of experience in that room. And a little advice.

The theme was fall (with a few Halloween decorations thrown in because it was, after all, the day before Halloween). As usual, the ladies did a great job on decorations and food. I love that one guest said that she had eaten before she came and another responded with, "Oh, I didn't. The last time I was here they had great food." And she's right.

Uh, yeah. See that? Super freakin' cute pumpkin babies. I took those home and they're still sitting in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I have a feeling Hubby will use them for pie next week. So. Cute. Also? Punch. Mmmmm...

I'll spare you the crazy faces I make when opening presents and move right along to some of my favorite items we received that day. The hostesses gifted the baby a college-themed package. Both of our undergrad schools were represented.

The shower invitation suggested bringing a book for Bebe's library. People delivered:

My FIL excitedly purchased multiple books. And this cute frog. He looks like an old man to me. The frog, not my FIL.

My aunt and her children and grandchildren got us several nice things including this "I Spy" quilt that a local lady made. Each block has something fun that you can ask the baby to find, like frogs or birds.

Another part of the collegiate package was this awesome blanket. When I opened it up, I could just see the maroon/Aggie side. I was making a comment on how the package was biased (um, as it should be) towards A&M. Then my SIL told me to turn it over. The other side is black and gives a shout out to Georgia Tech.

I could honestly put about 30 pictures up here showing all the great stuff we got from friends and family during the shower as well as thoughtful packages we received in the mail leading up to it. Everyone was so generous and it's all greatly appreciated. I'll just show you one more item. Some receiving blankets. I don't know why I think these are so cute but seriously? Those tiny elephants? Very excited to see a little baby wrapped up in these. And proof that you don't need to know the gender of the baby to buy/receive cute things.


Laura B. said…
whoop! love all the aggie gear!

also, love the baby pumpkins and the tiny elephants! i too approve of the gender neutral presents. it means not everything is bubblegum pink if people get wind you're having a girl. its good to have variety!
What a wonderful baby shower!!! Love the pics!!! Glad you had such a great time!
I agree that you do not need to know the gender to get cute stuff!

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