i'm going to be a sister

Oh, wait. That's not right. I'm already a sister. I'm going to have a sister. In-law, that is. The Brother's girlfriend is now The Brother's fiance. That sounds so weird. He's never had one of those before. Congrats to both of them! Welcome to our dysfunctional family.


angelq said…
Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!
Tell your bro, "CONGRATS!" and "What took you so long?!?"
km said…
Congrats on having a soon to be sister-in-law!!! Yea You...and to Matthew too, of course. :)heehee
D... said…
Congratulations to you and the brother!
Bubba's Sis said…
Congrats!!! When's the wedding?
Creechman said…
Congratulations to them.

cjh said…
No date yet but leaning toward March. Eeek!

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