10 on tuesday (14)

10 Countries I'd Like to Visit

As always, these are in no particular order. Some made the list because of their natural beauty, some because they represent my heritage, and some because of their history. Now my passport is just itchin' to be used...

1. Greece
2. Germany
3. Australia (weird to me that it's both a continent and a country)
4. Costa Rica
5. Czech Republic
6. Egypt
7. Fiji
8. Hungary
9. Ireland
10. Italy
(I know, it's Monday evening when I'm posting. I'm getting a jump on it this week... Actually, I won't have time to post until late Tuesday so I took the lesser of two evils. I, too, hate seeing the "Monday" up there.)


Hootin'Anni said…
Hmmmmmmm, Costa Rica. Very interesting choice.

Happy Tuesday
Crimson Wife said…
Interesting list, we've got several in common. Thanks for sharing :-)
Julia said…
The one I list at my blog, are the same reason why you listed your. History, heritages and beauty attractions.

I said lot of time already, that Germany is beautiful place. Never been there but seen pictures taken by family members and friends

Happy Tuesday!
km said…
Do I get to ride in your luggage when you go to all these places????
Bubba's Sis said…
We have a couple in common. Interestingly, Navy Son has been to more countries than I have! He lived in Italy for 2 years and visited France, Czech, and a couple of others over there. Costa Rica might be neat...I didn't think of that one.
D... said…
I'm ready for Fiji whenever you are! Just tell me when to pack my bags. :)

I have a friend who went to Costa Rico last summer. Her pictures are just gorgeous. They really had a great time there.
StaceyG said…
Great list! Very different than mine would be - I like that.

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