10 on tuesday (10)

10 Things to Do Before I Die

Why are these always so hard? Maybe that's the point. To get us to think.
  1. Get married.

  2. Have babies.

  3. Travel to every state.

  4. Travel to every continent. Well, I could probably skip Antarctica.

  5. Own a dog again.

  6. Feel confident in this body of mine.

  7. Probably try my hand at a different career. Not sure what...

  8. Write at least one really good poem.

  9. Learn all the words to r.e.m.'s "It's the End of the World As We Know It."

  10. Retire.


Bubba's Sis said…
A great list!!! I hope you accomplish them ALL!
Patois said…
I love #9. And I hope I live long enough for me to retire!
Nichole said…
Great list!

I hope to travel to every state and every continent as well...

And #9 is great!
km said…
Woohoo. I like that you want to travel to every continent. And i think you should keep antartica on your list. How many ppl can say that they have been there?

BTW, how appropriate your city is. i actually got the same thing, but was not expecting it since i said that the South was my fav!
StaceyG said…
#9 may be the most difficult thing on the list! =)
Anonymous said…
if i were a city, i'd be los angeles. i'm suprised at that, i really don't like los angeles. what are the implications for the way i view myself? i've been having somewhat of an identity crisis lately, this isn't helping.

E. said…
Going through old Ten on Tuesdays and #10 has special significance since a co-worker kept extending her retirement date. She extended it for the third year in a row to 2008 when she would be 65. Well, she was forced to retire last week on medical (cancer) and died the day after. She never attended her retirement party.

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