week 20

Total weight gain: Uh, it looks like I've gained 14 lbs. Whatever I didn't gain last week, I apparently made up for this week. Hmm...

Movement: Flutterings, flutterings, flutterings. Mostly only noticeable when I'm getting ready to drift off to crazy dreamland.

Cravings: Still haven't gotten that Paula Deen Hashbrown Casserole. Perhaps tomorrow. And I've wanted sweets. Thus the weight gain?

Symptoms: Crazy dreams and baby brain continue. Forgetfulness.

Belly button: No change.

Preparations: I've worked on the quilt and the valances. Finally figured out how to problem solve the mess I had made of them. And I started our registries. Oooh, ahhh. I couldn't stop giggling over the cuteness of the tiny clothes. Even when looking online. And I scheduled family (me, baby bump, Hubby, Maggie) portraits for late October. Hopefully the belly will be more evident in 7 weeks.

More nursery sneak peeks...

Milestones: Um, we're halfway, people. Crazy! (Please note that the shorts below--which I swear are shorts--are really pinstriped. Not some crazy psychedelic thing (like my dreams).)

Weekly wisdom: With work, I generally have 1-3 months between site visits these days. That means this weight gain should be pretty obvious. I mean, 10-15 pounds? Yeah, not everyone even notices. My tip for the non-pregnant folks? DON'T sweat minor weight fluctuations. You're the only one who knows.

(Cantaloupe courtesy of thebump.com)


ndh said…
Hooray for half way!
Patois said…
Congrats on the midway point!

And absolutely brilliant advice re: small weight changes.
Anonymous said…
the quilt looks different from what i remember. did you change it?

cjm said…
That's because that's not the quilt.
They don't say anything because they think you're fat (I'm positive that's why some people haven't noticed my 18 weeks!).

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