week 23

Total weight gain: About 16.5 pounds.

Movement: No more flutterings. There are full-on movements. Towards the end of this week you can generally see them happening. This morning was the first punch (or kick or headbutt) that actually hurt me a little. But very entertaining.

Cravings: I can't think of anything from this week. Maybe Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Sooo good.

Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, just a tad more emotional. No additional leg cramps. No swelling even with 5 flights this week.

Belly button:
I think it's slightly more shallow but still really deep. I wonder if I have an abnormally deep belly button? Still cracks me up that it's so obviously an innie even when I have 2 layers of maternity clothes covering it.

Preparations: Since I was gone all week, not a lot of progress. Yesterday I bought a few items I needed to get a few more projects done. I've repainted a second lamp and got new lampshades. Bought shelf liner for inside the old dresser we're repurposing (but haven't painted the dresser yet). I have blessedly more at-home time now so I hope to get a lot accomplished.

Hubby got to feel the baby move for the first time. It was making me a little crazy that you could finally feel/see him/her move from the outside but I was never in the same city as Hubby when this happened.

Weekly wisdom: Take time for yourself. This stint of being on the road was way too long. Very glad I had the forethought to take yesterday off, schedule lunch with a friend, and book a massage and facial. Very sorely needed. And during the massage? I could lay on my stomach on top of this weird pregnant lady massage cushion thing. Heaven. Oh! And also? Got a tip from a 32-week lady on the plane. Go to the beach and dig a hole for your belly in the sand. Can lay on your belly that way, too. Freakin' awesome.

Belly pics. And just so you don't think they are all of me looking sweet and maternal and whatnot...

Maybe now that crazy travel has eased up, I'll actually post more than once a week. I'm very behind on several topics.

(Papaya courtesy of thebump.com)


Patois said…
Can't wait to hear how the sand "hole" works out for you!
Anonymous said…
you look so cute pregnant!!

What was hubby reaction to the movement? My hubby is dying with jealousy and keeps his hand on my belly at all times waiting to be able to feel Cookie move...

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