easter, an excuse for cute outfits

I'm very slow at posting things these days... So, yeah. Easter. We had a jam-packed weekend of festivities and that meant Miss Chicken could pull out her finery. First up? Easter eve. We celebrated with a very nice dinner out with the in-laws. One gratuitous pic sans baby because look! We're out! At a fancy dinner! Second pic I love because she's smiling at me. Third, well, does it make us slightly less white trash because she's holding wine instead of beer?

Then her actual Easter dress. She was pooped before we even got started with the day. I was only pooped after.

And, no. I don't ever hold her when other people are around. :) Last up, her casual outfit and her Easter basket stuffed toys. And just some fun pics. The quilt she's posing with is her new, super cute Easter quilt from The Brother's MIL. She's awesome.

I'll try to get baptism pics up a little more quickly.


Katie Lady said…
LOVE all the cute pictures! She really is quite precious, and great Easter dress!!!
klm said…
i love that you chose purple for her Easter dress and i just love how babies sleep. just all over the place without a care. think i might try laying all out tonight!!! hahaha

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