week 39

Total weight gain: As of Tuesday at the doctor's, 29 lbs. Since the due date was altered, I really should be blogging on Tuesdays instead of Saturdays. I stuck with Saturdays because it seemed like I had more time but I think I may switch this week (on, you know, Tuesday...when I'm really 39 weeks).

Movement: Still very active and often painfully so.

Cravings: Not really anything. I have been more hungry lately but I'm tending to stick to bland foods.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, crazy back pain, more frequent hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, more pressure from baby settling and ligament pain, general feeling of uncomfortable-ness a lot of the time, more daytime pottying, digestive issues, some middle insomnia, rings are still tight-ish. So on Tuesday my belly started feeling very tight/hard. It was like Braxton Hicks but really more constant and I couldn't really stop it with the normal methods. So almost like one giant, long, mild contraction. That's pretty much most of the time now. It's weird.

Belly button: In.

Preparations: Visited the final pediatrician. Have decided that the first one I visited is the winner. Got the car seat inspected (Hubby did a good job installing it). Took that infant CPR class last Saturday. Made appointments to visit a few final daycares. Hubby cut down the legs on the footstool, and The Brother has the headboard to make a few adjustments so that we can add it to the bed. Finished washing the last of the baby clothes and put everything away. Paid the delivery bill at the hospital.

Milestones: Dilation has begun. A whopping 1cm but that's something. Still 50% effaced.

Weekly wisdom: So I go from being ready to get this thing started and not at all. What I realized this week is that pregnancy is a series of uncomfortable symptoms/events/states of being. The interesting thing is that I adapt to them really quickly. Baby dropped? I felt awful that first day but then was ok even though I still felt the same physically. Same with these weird contractions. While almost everyone I know has said they got to the point where they wanted the baby out more than they wanted to be pregnant (even when faced with the prospect of actually pushing an entire human out of their girl bits), I haven't really reached that point yet. I've had glimpses of it, though.

See y'all on Tuesday unless something exciting happens before then. Send vibes that the baby stays in at least until Wednesday because I'm mostly husbandless until then it seems. Ah, the joys of working...


Wow! Only a week or so to go! I am so glad you still do your updates! Thinking of you as your special day approaches.
angelq said…
My belly got really tight toward the end of my pregnancy with Lucy which made me wonder how I was going to know when I was having contractions. But your belly button is still this soft spot until you have a contraction. Plus the fact that my belly would go all lopsided when I had one. May I suggest you put a towel under your sheets in case your water should break in bed. It's easier to wash the towel and sheets than the mattress. ;)
cjm said…
Good to know re: contractions since I've been wondering the same thing. And I read somewhere to use doggie piddle pads to prevent any, uh, leakage from damaging things. So there's one under my sheet. :) I figure that should be absorbant enough but it is also really thin.

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