crazy baby dream

I figure I'll forget this by Saturday so I'd go ahead and post this morning. That and I'm still not in the mood to work (but really should try to focus today).

Last night I had what felt like a very lengthy dream. I was in labor at home and things were going fine. The next thing I knew, however, it was the day of the baby's first pediatrician appointment (which will be Day 4 of baby's life outside his/her currently way-too-comfy home). It wasn't just a flash forward, though. In the dream it seemed like I had amnesia--at least for that period of time. This was disturbing to me because I didn't know the baby's gender or date of birth or name or if I had changed diapers or how breastfeeding was going. And in the dream I felt like I couldn't ask anyone and we were suddenly at the doctor's office (via helicopter, I might add).

So there I am at the appointment and I can't refer to my own baby by name or gender-specific pronoun. Kept having to say "the baby." At some point, the baby was taken away to be examined for what felt like a long while. I asked the nurse about it and she said that it was a 4-hour exam. Uh, ok. Later, the nurse comes in with the baby's birth certificate and hands it to Hubby. I grabbed it from him and find out that the baby is a boy. Also? That Hubby had named him 5 names plus an initial (C.). His first name was Grant (not on our short list), his next-to-last name was Ulysses (I have no idea why I was feeling presidential), and his last name was NOT our last name. I was really mad in the dream. I mean, why would I go through all the hassle of changing MY last name if it's STILL not going to be the same as the baby's? And seriously? FIVE names + an initial? That hubby cannot be trusted in dreams...

I may be going insane. These pregnancy dreams are so vivid and weird. One thing that I do find interesting is that I've had multiple dreams where the baby is out and I still don't know (or am not told) the gender. And also that I dream about the beginning of labor and post-delivery but never during the grueling part of labor. Maybe because it's so hard to imagine. Maybe it's self-preservation...


I vote self preservation.
Anonymous said…
Man, I have insanely bizarre dreams and I'm NOT pregnant. I can't imagine what I'm going to dream when I finally decide to have one.

(ADC here btw, didn't want to post this using my work's google account cause that would be...weird).

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