bump progression

So I mentioned that the baby dropped to ring in the new year. I know these are really awful pictures in terms of quality but they're the only ones I have that really show what a big change my belly has had in a short time. The first one is from Christmas weekend. Looking pretty big, still carrying high.

The second is from New Year's Day. Baby has dropped, belly actually looks smaller. Pardon my miserable expression. Really wasn't feeling well that day.

And then the last is from Saturday. Belly looks huge again. I think that makes it look less low but believe me. That baby's head is way down there. Just ask my poor hips.

It will be interesting to see what happens once this baby is out. I'm really surprised all the weight gain and lack of skinniness hasn't bothered me at all. I haven't been self-conscious or weirded out. I know it's normal and gradual but I still wasn't sure how I'd feel about it. Now I wonder if the extra (jiggly) weight sans baby is going to give me a complex. Perhaps I'll be too tired to notice.


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