week 38

Total weight gain: As of Tuesday at the doctor's, 28 lbs.

Movement: Still very active and often painfully so.

Cravings: Pretty much anything that's not good for me. Eating well (or even just trying to) is tiring.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, slightly less frequent crazy back pain, more frequent hip pain from sleeping on my side, good hair, more pressure from baby settling and ligament pain, general feeling of uncomfortable-ness a lot of the time, more daytime pottying, digestive issues, Braxton Hicks (probably on more than 50% of days). Middle insomnia for about 1-2 hours--but less frequently this week. Forgot to mention that my rings are fitting a little too snugly lately so I've stopped wearing them unless I'm leaving the house. They go on but almost need the jaws of life to get off. Maybe with winter weather returning, this will change.

Belly button: Still in and that 1/4 of it that was poking out last week? Not anymore--back in.

Preparations: Visited another pediatrician. I think I liked the first one better. One more to visit next week. Made the bedskirt, switched out beds with the in-laws, and finished accessorizing. Yea! But you already knew that. Progress on the baby names. We have a list of 4 for each sex and I think that's good enough until we actually see the baby. We figure the list will automatically be cut in half for gender... Received what will likely be bebe's coming home outfit. Also made an appointment for car seat inspection, did some more daycare research, and later today we have infant CPR.

Milestones: The baby did indeed drop late on Saturday/Sunday as confirmed by the doctor on Tuesday. And we technically reached full term on Tuesday as well--37 weeks with the amended due date. (Ok, I forgot to add this and I apologize to people who don't want to know it. But, hey, it's my blog and I can do what I want. That, and if it's not written down, it's forgotten these days. At the OB, the cervix was softening, 50% effaced, no dilation. About 2-2.5 inches between bebe's head and the outside world.)

Weekly wisdom: Holy moly. I don't know if a person can ever be prepared about impending labor. Or maybe it's different with subsequent pregnancies? For me? When the baby dropped, I freaked out a little. I'll actually have to deliver this baby. It took a few days to fully get over that. Also? Whatever tentative birth plan I/we have in my/our head(s) seems to go out the window (for me at least) when I'm freaked out. We'll just see how it all goes. Like I said, birth is one thing I'm not sure you can ever be prepared for as you never do anything remotely like it prior to the big day. The wisdom here? I don't know. Maybe that you'll likely continue to feel about a zillion emotions till the bitter end. :)


Giving birth is a wonderful experience no matter what plan you have! No matter how painful it is you will totally forget it all as soon as you see your baby. Good luck and I know you will do great!

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