36 weeks, 5 days (2nd ed.)

Sigh.  I missed an entire month's update.  But I was moving and stuff so that makes it ok, right?  Apparently Week 36 is not yet the watermelon.

Total Weight Gain:  About 22 pounds.  This is about 5 pounds less than where I was with the 1st edition.  The baby is measuring right on track, though, so I'm just skinnier.  I had a stomach bug 2 weeks ago and that knocked 3 or 4 pounds off but I've gained those back.  Will try to post a pic sometime soon.

Movement:  This kids moves like crazy.  Big, giant movements still.  Does he have room to do that?  Not really.  Doesn't stop him.  Sometimes his little limbs jab me, too.  Sometimes painfully. And the last few days he's developed some technique to make me feel like my hip is going to give out.  And another one where there's a sudden pain in my lower back/bootie region.  Not fun at all--especially when walking in public.

Cravings:  Oh, you know it's sweets.  Stop asking.  :)

Similarities:  Crazy dreams, baby brain, forgetfulness, lots of waking in the middle of the night, good hair (too bad it's too hot to wear it down), pressure from baby settling and ligament pain, general feeling of uncomfortable-ness is getting more frequent, Braxton Hicks, short fuse.

Differences:  Much more uncomfortable much earlier this go round.  Much more pressure in the girl bits.  I've switched to sleeping in the big ol' chair-and-a-half and that's actually helped my sleep.  Swelling.  Sheesh.  Pretty much daily at least in my right foot/ankle.  And, of course, the gestational diabetes. 

Preparations:  I was thrown a small shower that scored me tons of diapers.  Yea!  We also have wipes and more clothes.  The crib has been assembled.  I ordered the mattress and sheets so that's good to go. We have the co-sleeper.  His room is somewhat put together and even has one coat of paint on it.  Yea for a room not being beige.  (This house is a sea of beige.  Maybe one day I'll get around to posting pics.  Oh, and I guess since the last update, we moved.  That was progress.)  I finished the quilt, as noted previously.  I finished some art and ordered some more.  I still have a few more things on the list but won't feel too badly if he comes before they get marked off.  My bag is packed.  His bag is packed.  Our name list is down to 8.  I've cleaned up some of our "technology" (camera, videos, laptop) in preparation of tons of new pictures, etc.

Anything else interesting?  So at my 36-week appointment last Thursday, I had my first internal exam.  This is pretty standard.  However, I was 2 cm dilated.  Um, I was nothing with Scarlett until Week 39, and then only 1 cm.  But he didn't seem to be very engaged so that made me feel a little better.  However, I started having contractions after the exam and had them the remainder of the day.  I'll be honest, that spurred a lot of the preparations noted above.  I wasn't very excited about having a pre-term baby.  I'd like to make it at least to 38 weeks but August would be preferable.  The plus side, though, is that I have started progressing on my own.  That's a good sign regarding avoiding induction.  I can't exactly go very far past my due date since I have gestational diabetes.  But we're both measuring fine and our vitals are good.  The other thing is that he's head down.  But I tell ya, he moves around so much still that I wonder if he's really always head down.  Anyway, my next appointment is Thursday and I'm going to try to skip the internal this week.  Let's not provoke him.

Monthly wisdom/rambling:  I've probably said something similar before but unless you have something nice to say about a pregnant woman, don't say anything at all.  And I mean, you think it would be nice to say the same thing to a non-pregnant woman.  Like would you tell a stranger that it doesn't look like her feet are that swollen?  That she looks tired?  If you would, shame on you.  It seems like everyone feels compelled to comment on my appearance these days or ask when I'm due.  I don't mind chatting about it if approached in a nice fashion.  But such is life.  I know people usually don't have ill intentions.  They just don't think about what is coming out of their mouths.


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