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Buddy Bear says enough talk about Baby #1.  Let's get back to me.  So a brief pregnancy update.  I was 4 cm dilated at my appointment yesterday.  Still full of random aches and pains but hanging in there.  I'm pretty sure there will be no comfortable sleeping until he's here.  He's probably measuring average and I still haven't really gained more than a pound or two since switching to the diabetic diet 10 weeks ago.  Crazy.  So I imagine I'll be svelte once he's here.

My totally unscientific prediction?  He'll either come tomorrow or will wait until August.  We'll see soon enough.  Twelve days till the due date.

If you remember from last time, I'm a pretty crazy nester even when not pregnant.  But I think because we moved to the new house and I felt guilty for already giving Buddy Bear the shaft, I really wanted to finish his nursery before he came.  While there are two things left (finishing painting a little corner shelf and finding a side table for the chair), I'm just going to call it done.  That chair, by the way?  Is where I've been sleeping for weeks.  Bought me several more hours of sleep.  So, without further ado, nursery #2.

This is the only room that's been painted in the new house.  EVERYTHING in this place is beige.  EVERYTHING.  While it's not offensive to be beige (a good thing when you don't exactly have tons of free time), it's kind of annoying.  I've turned into a big fan of grey lately.  Buddy Bear's room?  "Shaken, not stirred."  I made the quilt, as mentioned before, and the crib skirt.  The crib?  Was a trash day find in the old neighborhood.  The short sides have turned spindles, Jenny Lind-style.  Exactly what I was wanting.  Sometimes the odds are in your favor.  The pics on the left are just framed fabric scraps from the quilt.  The pic on the right is a needlepoint done by either my mom or grandmother.  It was never framed before.  In the middle is an airplane mobile I made.  A little bit of a travel theme.

I totally uploaded these without editing.  Sigh.  I ordered these 3 prints of of etsy.  The top one is a little boy with a plane, the bottom is a truck with rails (an homage to his daddy), and the middle is an RV print that I LOVE that says "wherever we are together that is home."  Lamp from big sister's room.

To continue with the pattern from nursery #1, I kept a list of all the places Buddy Bear traveled with me while pregnant and framed those places on the right.  On the left are song lyrics that spoke to me this time around.  They're from Eddie Vedder's "Skipping" and say:  "All of my life from beginning to end what I'll remember is holding your hand.  And all that I'll cherish is the time that we've spent, me and you skipping throughout the land." In the middle is one of my favorite parts of the room.  I ordered those letters online and stained them.  Love the font.  And that frame?  I've had for YEARS--just waiting to do something with it.  Like spray paint it white and put it in my sons nursery, it turns out.

Also fabric scraps.  The plane, boat, and car are those pre-fab wooden pieces you can get from any craft store.  Just painted them white.

Foot stool used to be an end table that I got from a friend.  Upholstered with, you guessed it, scrap fabric.  That orange fabric was actually used in Chicken's room, too.  I like that there's a little overlap.  It's in both of their quilts, too.  And there's a sneak peak of the baby boat.  Made for Baby #1 but living in Baby #2's room.  That chair was one of the first real pieces of furniture I ever bought.

So there you have it.  A (for all intents and purposes) completed nursery.  It really makes me feel good to have it (mostly) done even though he won't really live in there for a few months at least.


I LOVE IT!!!! You have such a creative eye!

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