weddings are exhausting

Ok, and they're fun, too. The Brother got married on Saturday but the festivities started Thursday night and finished up last night. It was exhausting indeed. He had his bachelor party on Thursday night and the girls came over to my house for a little booze and pizza and girl talk. It was low key and fun.

On Friday we all got manicures and pedicures. Not all of us...just the girls. The guys recovered from the night before. Then I picked up the best man from the airport and we headed down to the wedding location for the rehearsal. Things were starting to feel real at that point. I opened the door to the reception room and all the tables were set up and place settings were starting to be laid out. After a brief anxiety attack (not really, but it did freak me out a little), I closed the door. We all headed back up to the SIL's parent's house for the rehearsal dinner. Yea for BBQ! I think our yankee guests enjoyed that as much as the locals. It was a fun evening, so nice to see everyone together.

Saturday morning was hair and make-up. We crammed in a quick lunch and headed down to get dressed. After that, everything just flew by. Everyone said how beautiful the ceremony was...and none of the wedding party fell down the stairs. Whew. The vows had just enough tears from all the right people, and I didn't sob like a baby. Another whew. We took more pictures and made it upstairs for a little mingling before dinner. There were all the special dances, the Grand March, the cake, toasts, the bouquet and garter tossing and suddenly it was time for the last dance and blowing bubbles as the happy couple departed in a horse-drawn carriage. I was so surprised at how quickly everything went by but was happy that it all went so smoothly. Happy wedding, The Brother and SIL. I couldn't be happier for the two of you.

Oh, I caught the bouquet. It was rigged.

The Boyfriend caught the garter. It was not.


Christian told me how wonderful the entire weekend was - I am so happy that everything turned out great!!!
Katie Lady said…
oooh, how exciting! sounds like a good time!
Bubba's Sis said…
What a great time! Congratulations, The Brother and SIL!
samantha jo campen said…
Yeah for the garter and bouquet! :-)
StaceyG said…
I have this to look forward to in May. I am already exhausted just thinking about it!! Congrats to your bro and new SIL!

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