10 on tuesday (27)

I haven't done a 10 on Tuesday in quite some time. A few topics have been interesting lately but I just haven't played. This week's is 10 Things to Do Before You Get Married.
  1. Spend some time alone. I think everyone should feel comfortable being single and being alone. I'm not saying that's preferable to being with someone. It's just that you never know what the future will bring and not being comfortable with your own company can lead to poor choices during tough times.
  2. Discuss the important things. Kids. Where you want to live. Finances. Goals.
  3. Personally, I wanted to own my own home. I realized that as much as I wanted to meet the man of my dreams and ride off into the sunset, I wanted to have the opportunity to own and decorate my house (my way) first. I'm very glad I've gotten the chance to do that.
  4. Be able to take care of yourself financially. Again, you never know what the future holds. My mother, being a single parent after my dad's death, couldn't emphasize this enough. I think a lot of people stay in dysfunctional relationships for monetary reasons.
  5. Get to know each others' friends and family.
  6. Get an education.
  7. Take a trip together. Stressors surely come up during even the smallest of trips. See how you handle them together. Or do some sort of joint project. Anyone need one? You can redo my bathroom.
  8. Have an uncomfortable conversation. Surely there's something that you need to discuss but are scared to. Push your limits because life will certainly throw you more uncomfortable dilemmas once you're married, living together, with child...
  9. Make sure you're really in love. The kind of love that will last through all these other things going wrong. Love that will be there when you're old and saggy. Love that will be there when you want to shake him. I tell The Boyfriend that I want to squeeze him much more often than I want to shake him. I think that's success.
  10. Plan a wedding. Ahhh! If you want to do this, I'll help. But, please, please, let me rest awhile first.


Patois said…
"I tell The Boyfriend that I want to squeeze him much more often than I want to shake him." Yes, that is definitely success.

A wonderful list.
lovesmukiwa said…
We had more than one in common :)
D... said…
Girl, you are right on with this list! There are some things on your list that I didn't do. I wouldn't say I regret that, but I certainly wish I had accomplished them.
Bubba's Sis said…
There are a lot of things on this list I didn't do - fortunately it has worked out OK for me! This is a GREAT list! Maybe it should be a mandatory "To Do" list before being allowed a marriage license....

BTW, might you be planning a wedding anytime soon???
cjh said…
No, Bubba's Sis. Nothing in the works.
StaceyG said…
What a great list!!

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