elation and recap

Tomorrow? It's my last day to work in Shreveport. Perhaps my last day in Shreveport ever. Yeah, I'm pretty excited. Still overwhelmed with everything I have to do by the end of the month, but excited. Wheeeee!

Ok, so after posting that first part I got to thinking about my time here. I've been coming to Shreveport for a little over a year. Here's the breakdown:
  • I've spent about 90 days here during that time.
  • I've spent 74 days on-site. That means I've been at this office about 30% of the days they've been open in the past year. No wonder the front desk people know me.
  • Two Hertz employees also know me. They know my pattern. If I stray from it by taking a later flight or coming into town a day early, they comment on it.
  • During all my trips I don't think I've ever had the same rental car twice.
  • I've stayed in 7 different hotels here including the probably haunted B&B.
  • I've met one pseudo-celebrity and rode on a plane with another.
  • One woman at the Continental check-in area also knows me and comments when she hasn't seen me in a few weeks.
  • I've seen 3 employees go and two come in my little area.
  • I've complained on the Hilton website 3 times about the poor service. I think I've maybe complained about a hotel one other time in the almost 3 years of constant travel.
  • I've gambled away one dollar.
  • I've purchased several items of clothing for myself. And gifts for others. And supplies for craft projects.
  • I know my way around town. (Wouldn't you be concerned if I didn't? I've only spent 3 months here.)
  • I felt like there was some sort of reason for my coming here (outside of work).
  • I'm not so sure there was. If anything, coming here has contributed to my stress and put some on my relationships as well.
  • I had two blind dates here. I chose not to have any second dates. Definitely not the "higher" reason for my coming.
  • But I've gotten a lot of praise and recognition from work. And a few giftcards.
  • And I've learned a lot and gained a ton of experience.
  • If faced with a similar "opportunity" again in the future, would I take it? I'm thinking no.
  • So, so glad to be finishing up.


Patois said…
Oh, the "probably haunted" B&B. That's one I'd keep going back to.
angelq said…
The additional praise and gift cards may have been the reason you were to be there. Haven't you gotten more praise for the good work you've done at that site than the other sites? Extra brownie points.
StaceyG said…
The point of a journey is not to arrive...

Bubba's Sis said…
Happiness is Shreveport, LA in your rearview mirror....


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