life list: kansas city's kauffman stadium

On Saturday, I crossed ballpark #8 off the list. Hubby got me tickets to a Royals game for my birthday (back in February) and we finally made good on the gift. We made it to Kansas City early Friday evening. We actually stayed in Independence, a small town to the east. Our room at The Inn at Ophelia's was very nice and comfortable and ended up luring us in for a more relaxing weekend than we had originally planned (but was much needed).

On Friday night we walked around Independence's little square and had a nice Italian dinner. Then we just lounged about. On Saturday, we had the head chef at Ophelia's cook us breakfast (we were the only guests at the inn) before browsing some of the shops. Hubby got a root beer phosphate float at Clinton's, a soda shop that was formerly a drug store that employed Harry Truman. Then we headed to Kansas City to tour Boulevard Brewing Company and then score some Arthur Bryant BBQ. And we were off to the ballpark for an afternoon game.

When you drive by Kauffman Stadium (which is right next to the Chiefs stadium), it seems kind of small. I guess the distinguishing feature is that they installed some fountains in the outfield. Oh, and their silly scoreboard with the Royals' crown. We originally had seats out there but oh my goodness it was hot. No shade, only the occasional spray of the fountains when the wind caught the water. After about an inning we headed to seats in the shade. The game wasn't that exciting. Royals vs. Rockies. No score until the 6th. Rockies took it 3-0. Their fans were fine. Mild-mannered. Nothing terribly memorable. We didn't even have any snacks.

That night we had planned on going out in the Power and Light district but I convinced Hubby that we should just order from the restaurant downstairs and hang out. He was nice enough to oblige and we had another good meal and some vegging time. Woohoo. Then we just headed home on Sunday. Even though it wasn't the most action-packed trip (or maybe because of that), it was a good one.


Katie Lady said…
A bad day at the ballpark still beats a good day anywhere else.

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