life list: rangers ballpark in arlington

I'm totally off track with this blogging thing lately. No Wedding Wednesday this week. We're about to leave town again tomorrow and I figure I should blog about the last Life List item before I mark off another one...

We went up to Dallas the weekend before last. Hubby's sister lives there and we hadn't visited her there yet. And she got tickets to the Rangers game. Hadn't visited them yet either. So we packed our bags, loaded the dog in the car, and drove up to the Big D.

The three of us (we exchanged Maggie for SIL) headed to Arlington to visit the ballpark that afternoon. The super awesome part about going up that weekend was that SIL had passes from her company that would get us on the field to play catch prior to the game. Now, I don't know if it was because it was about 5 hours before the game or if it was because there was a Boy Scout event being held there or if the Rangers are just super trusting, but we waltzed right into the ballpark (with a cooler, no less) with nary a security person in sight. No one asked for our tickets. No one wanted to search our bags and cooler. Nothing.

Then we find a man near one entrance to the field and he sends us to another man along the first baseline. While we only had 2 passes to get on the field, this guy didn't care. He just took our word for it that we could go on the field. (Now--before these folks get in trouble--let me say that when we went back for the game later that night, all normal security measures were in place.)

So we headed on to the field (on the field!) to play catch with one another.

After our field time was up, we had a picnic lunch on the grassy hill outside the ballpark. It was freakishly good weather for Texas in May. Then we headed next door to the new Cowboys Stadium. SIL had done a little research and found out that there were self-guided tours. We got to wander around the stadium, see that ginormous TV everyone has been talking about, throw the football around, try to kick a field goal (SIL), and tour the locker room and the cheerleaders' dressing room. Add all of that to a list of firsts. Fun times.

We went on back to SIL's to feed and walk Maggie before grabbing dinner for ourselves. Then headed back for the game.

The Rangers were playing Kansas City (clue to the next Life List item). It was interesting to be at the other Texas ballpark (as opposed to our local one). Pretty easy to cheer for another Texas team. The ballpark is beautiful. It was pretty chilly that night, though, what with the crazy wind. We had good seats and people even came to wait on us. Fancy! They, too, sing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" and played a little Pat Green immediately following the game. Folks are nice and laid back just like at home. Texas ended up winning 3-2 (not "just like at home" this season).

The trip ended with a fabulous brunch on Sunday. Thanks again, SIL, for a great weekend.


Katie Lady said…
I commented on FB, too, but man, that is super-cool!!! Especially about having a lovely night for the game, most of our trips way out to Arlington are not very fun and it's super-hot. So glad that wasn't the case for you! I'll forgive you for not hollering at us just this once. :)

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