garden by the sea

Do we work in the yard every weekend? Um, pretty much. It was a beautiful weekend for it, though. And I like being in the yard when lots of the neighbors are working on their places, too.

We now have a few peas!

And these guys? I bought them last year and apparently their labels did not indicate that they flowers. Or that they got this big. Who knew? So they're planted a little too close to the sidewalk. I'll end up hacking them back after they're done blooming. I just can't cut off flowers for no reason. Funny that one ended up being pink and one is white.

We have a few new additions after yesterday. A baby mandevilla:

And these super cute little guys. I don't know what they are. (I can't remember what the tag said and I'm not feeling the need to head out to the garage to read it. But I do remember it was something cutsie instead of an actual name.) They look like miniature bachelor buttons--each little yellow ball is about the size of a pencil eraser. Love the contrasting, almost-grey foliage. So cute! I bought three.

Hubby transplanted one of the tree babies. It's not looking so good but hopefully it will pull through. And I also planted a knock-out rose. Have to fill in where we ripped out the dead stuff.

On Saturday, a group of us did the Galveston Historic Homes tour. We made it to 8 out of 10 homes. It was a really good day. I love looking in people's houses. We also saw a few of the carved tree sculptures. These are amazing... check out the article (photo courtesy of Houston Chronicle).


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