something fun everyday: days 12, 13 & 14

Friday--Hubby catching an early flight home (after being gone all week). Getting to spend some time with him before midnight. Woohoo! Also, hanging out with the niece (and, you know, her parents).

Saturday--Running errands as a family. I know. This shouldn't be counted as fun but when you've had the whole family together as infrequently as we have lately, it counts. We bought some things to use up my technology bonus at work (finally!) and a jogging stroller we found on Craiglist. And rain! We enjoyed the rain.

Sunday--Ordered an iPad (using up that bonus money). Ran for the first time in, oh, 9 years. Finished the new Bay Fest sign--the neighborhood fundraiser. Old sign and new sign.


Three Peas said…
Love the signs - you're so crafty!

And I count running errands as a family as fun time. We have so little time together now with Sweet Cheeks being at "school" every day and us working, we take every second we can get.

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