something fun everyday: days 19-22

Friday--Pizza delivery! We have instituted Dine-Out Fridays around here as Mama is too tired to cook sometimes. Last Friday, there was too much going on to even go out but delivery is always an option. I also got to spend a little extra time with the baby and that's always fun.

Saturday--The iPad came! Had the extended family over for dinner and tried out several new recipes. Fun. Cranky baby at bedtime? Not so much.

Sunday--Starbucks while picking out paint colors for best friend's house. There is no part of that sentence that isn't fun. Seriously.

Monday--Going to a site for work for the first time and finding out that they're actually GOOD. And local. That rarely happens. Also, last day on-site for about a week. And the odd satisfaction I get from maneuvering about the Med Center.


Three Peas said…
Is that good site a partner site? If not, I need to know who it is so I can pass it on!
cjm said…
I'm not sure. I'll check with our SSRM.

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