something fun everyday: days 15-18

On Monday, I had the day off. That would be fun except that I had to travel for work instead of spending the entire day with the family. So sad. To top it all off, I had to leave the baby who felt suspiciously warm to me. Turns out she was getting some sort of virus. She's better today. So what was fun about Monday? Nachos. For real.

Tuesday--chatting with a 7th grader while we were in line to board the flight from Orlando to Houston. I had caught an earlier flight (woohoo!) and ended up close to the end of the line. The kid in front of me started chatting it up. I don't often talk to people his age so that was fun. And? He told me I looked good for having a baby 7 months ago. Sweet kid. :)

Wednesday--Eating lunch outside! And not sweating! I don't know about other folks here in Texas (and Louisiana where I was eating lunch), but the break in heat has been really surprising. It had been so hot for so long it just felt like it was never going to end. Like it would be over 100 degrees for the rest of our lives. Temps in the 90s never felt so good (thank you, low humidity).

Thursday--Something fun? Keeping my feet firmly on the ground all day. No flying! And having a healthy baby again. And complimenting the Luby's drive-thru employee. It was crazy busy and she really moved the line. That's hard to do at a Luby's drive-thru. She deserved props, I gave 'em, and it felt good.


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